“Mehngai” word itself sums up better than English word “INCREASED PRICES” or “INFLATION”. It is exactly not a new phenomenon for a new generation. I’ve been hearing people bitching about it since I was a kid:”Baes rupay ka tha,aj pachas ka baech rahay ho!!”<It was of 22 rupees now you are selling for 50>.

Even media is playing vital role in propagating and exaggerating inflation. Oh! I forget to mention that I am not writing this article to curse Government but for those who cry “Mehngai Ho Gae, Mehngai ho gae” because they are the real cause of it. I do admit that Government is somewhere unnecessarily raising the prices but are we compromising with Government? Do we owe Pakistan?

Few days back I was reading comments of people on rising prices and I go through a comment of a man whose monthly income was 5000. He said:”Bhai Government ka kia qasoor hai,log bhi to tax nahi detay,hokomaat ko bhi kaheen na kaheen say paisay nikalwanay hi hain”<What is Government’s fault? People don’t pay taxes, Government has to adjust the loss>

I was so impressed with his statement and I came to this conclusion that Government is not all to be blamed but we are also the reason. Pakistanis are loyal with Pakistan.

Last week I went to shop some grocery with my family to a Super market. I was shocked to see the public there. Everyone had a list in their hands which contains all items even unnecessary ones too. I wondered is this the inflation people crying for? These are the people who say that they don’t have money to pay taxes?

When I discussed it with my friends they angrily asked IF prices are raised should we die of hunger. For God sake, I am not trying to say this, what I am trying to ask is, Is ketchup necessary for Iftari? Is any Energy drink is necessary for Energy? Aren’t there any alternate? Can’t we just squeeze one lemon? Won’t it give energy?

According to me people are just extravagant. They can protest of mehngai, but they need DHOL WALA in wedding .On one hand they want each and every function to be held. Whether it is mayo, mehndi, and God Knows other events while on the other hand they say.”pata nahi paisay kahan jatay hain?”<Don’t know where this all money goes>

Patriotism does not reflect by words, rather, it reflects by practices. Do not wait for government to do something, nation is powerful and even can shake the government. We are in cores and our politicians are in hundereds, it is time to unite and bring revolution in the country.

Please Pakistanis open your eyes; this is the time to realize and to own your country.

You are responsible to protect it.

You are the pioneers.

Protestation won’t help the Government but will down your own country’s reputation.

Wake up, Stand, and save the next generation, SAVE PAKISTAN.


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