Child Labor -An Abuse

Did you ever think what would happen to you if you were forced to do work at the age of 10 when actually you are supposed to live your life to the fullest? It is that age when we are carefree, fun-loving, learning, playing, enjoying life as a whole. Child Labor should be the main topic these days in such a country where on every street you can see child begging, having a huge sack on his back, polishing shoes or if nothing than having drugs!!

Whenever we go back in time to our childhood, there are always beautiful memories but there are many who hate their childhood. They could do anything to get out of this everyday torture by others. Some manage to get out and make their life better, but many continue to be where they are, not out of choice, but forced.

It is universally accepted that poverty is the cause of child labor. However it is seen that some child workers are from relatively affluent families and are engaged in the business for excitement and pocket money. In this country, Pakistan, education is not the priority but they want their children to succeed. Here people have this concept that more experience means more money.Think about it, how a person can earn enough money if he hasn’t got it’s know how?

There is an old saying that “child is a father of tomorrow”. It simply translates that childhood is the stage at which a child can develop its senses. It is the stage when a child wants a “Right guide” so that he can explores his creative mind. Child labor is a crime against humanity. It is an inhuman practice that stops the physical and mental growth.

We usually see a little boy with twinkle eyes cleaning the table at any restaurant where we are gone to have dinner. This twinkle in his eyes not only shows that he is forced to work but he is innocent and also wants to live his life like other children do…BUT…how can he live his life when his guide shows only this way? The wrong one

For this act to stop..Anyone of us..while giving that boy pat on his back and pressing 5 rupees on his palm as a formality to satisfy our guilt before we walk out..Instead gave him an advice…who knows he will take it and think about it?? because if we want to do anything to prevent  Child Labor then we have to target these children not their parents. As these parents are the one guiding their children to the wrong path. These children aren’t mature, they aren’t sensible enough to choose their path. If we want any changes we have to target the main segment.

Child labor is a complex issue that raises questions that are difficult to answer. The solution to child labor could come only with a change of our hearts. We have money, we have courage, we have strength, what we don’t have, is the space for these children in our heart..We need to educate people how unfair and unjust is to employ a child labor. If a child is born in a poor family..It doesn’t mean that his future will always be poor…he must be having some aims and ambitions.. a quote says”Achievements are not only for rich, but for poor”. This quote simply says that dreams are not for only rich! Poor can also have them..They can also aim for something..They only want a support to achieve them and we can be the support for them..Supporting ,not by employing them but to educate them. As Education is the key for success..

The “least” we could do as individuals is when we come across a child in complexity of any kind is to be considerate to him. We have ample of pocket money to spend on ourselves. What if we gave half of it to the one you think deserves? Now you must be thinking no one deserves..But do you know their lives?? Do you live with them?? Try to put yourself in their boots. Try to find one. You definitely will!


2 thoughts on “Child Labor -An Abuse

  1. I don’t know why you write such hypocritical articles. I still remember one of your article when an old lady YOU supposed her as beggar”” she gave you smile and you jumped into the rikhshaw….. You even cannot give her a peace of ur smile…..

    It is just play of words.. without soul…. and I hate Pakistan people ..espeically YOUTH.. who just want to play with words.. and in reality they are just good for nothing


    • The article you are referring to was Buhat KAminapan Dekahay ap Nay!… and she was my university mate.. and the scene there was quite different from this one!:D but i loved ur comment:D


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