Graffiti Zone

Can u name a place where there is anti-government slogans as well as personal objections and from artist based poetry to their own one sided love stories?

There is definitely a place where one goes to attend the call of nature and along it for having a physical and mental relief by “all” means. Public Toilet which is frequently used by all the people to meet a common need has also become the perfect place for the people to speak their heart out.

Public Toilets or washrooms are ideal place for those who are not heard, it’s the ideal place for them to release their body and mind at once. In our cultural settings, public toilets seems to be like a SPEAKING CORNER for our people who can write, speak, draw anything without fear of censorship or whatsoever.

Have you noticed the words and sentences on Public Toilet wall??

The government can ban the people to express their feelings publicly but they can’t ban it within Public toilets. Be it the matter of Judges or current inflation disaster, Presidential thing, thanks to toilets, people can write anything they can’t express in public.

Same goes with Shy lovers who express their love in toilet” I LOVE YOU XYZ” ,”TUM NAY MUJH SAY BEWAFAI KI” are the most common sentences in toilet as if XYZ will come and read just for him!! Furthermore, if you want some update about artists, again I would recommend you public toilets for seeing stuff like “MEERA KI ANGREZI”, “Madhuri kay baghair zindgi adhori”, “Amir ki dhobi”, are the most common and “mentionable” examples.

I think in these public toilets voting boxes should be kept as its walls also offer some serious comments about government, ruling party and organizational matters as well. Every word there needs no further clarification as everything is clear and censor-less. If I could advice politicians, I would have asked them to visit Public toilets frequently to gather public opinions about them because at times it seems that the whole election campaign had been run there.

The differences in contents of Toilet graffiti varies from place to place. In companies or factories, it is mostly about boss or about another employee. Hospitals may have scandals or worst come worst patients write how nurses attend them!!

Many show their poetry skills on toilet walls by writing rhyming couplets and “gutter” poetries. I can say it’s an ideal place to hold “Mehfil-e-Mushaira” too. I think toilet graffiti can be called “MESS-COMMUNICATION”, a unique way of depicting the inner picture on toilet walls by masses.

Our public toilets will remain the way they are, free of diplolomacy, cenorship. We can only hope they change, but dont we always hope of changes in Pakistan?



4 thoughts on “Graffiti Zone

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  2. very true said wafa… i thnk we all noticed it bt nevr thought abt it so deeply… really govt shud see it… n WAFA HATS OFF TO U tht u r makng us realize abt many thngs in our daily life….


  3. I wrote an article on the college-washroom-art for my college`s annual magazine three years back, your write-up made me remember the good ol` days : )
    btw you forgot to mention the `S+T `s` and the ` pierced hearts` and the `this-is-my -number-pleeeese call me ` : D
    Washrooms and the wall streets are the only places where you get to see a combined disposition of art for art`s and art for life`s sake .: P


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