Overflowing Tank!

I don’t know why I am writing it. I didn’t even think about anything or jot points; I just want to express my thoughts, some random thoughts which can’t be expressed under any specific topic.

Be the one who you are inside because there are many people in this world having different views about everything, about world, about people and even about you. You don’t have to change for others. Just be yourself, be the real you! Because nothing will bother those throwing views but your life can ruin because of them!

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else –Anonymous


My friends always make fun of me when I say “I am who I am” but it’s a real fact, say it selfishness, say it pride or say whatever you want to, I just can’t change this fact. I know compromises are the door to live in this world, but I can’t be a key of this door for “everyone”.

Never be bullied into silence.  Never allow yourself to be made a victim.  Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.  ~Harvey Feuerstein


Forget everyone here and live your life to the fullest, live it to the extreme, live it to that extent so in the future you won’t regret this time. You don’t know what has been written for you in the next moment so it’s better to live your best in the present rather than regretting your past or worrying for the future.

To have a peaceful life, compare your life with the ones below you and not the ones above you because seeing above means you are asking for more and when the word “more” comes, it never lasts! It’s that evil friend which will be loyal till you die but will never provide satisfaction.

I have written so many words; But still, I don’t know “what” I am writing?. Why I am writing? I was in a bad mood yesterday so I got an advice from my friend that whatever you have in yourself just throw it out on a paper so I am doing it. It’s such an odd feeling! Oh yes! That “ajeeb” called “mixed feeling” I usually have.

At the moment, what is coming in my mind is bit complicated to understand and I know many will feel against it but I am not here writing for “everyone”, I’m only writing “my” feelings so I am writing what “I” want.

Yes! Have “this” attitude in your life “CARE-FREE ATTITUDE”. I know that I do care and I don’t want any controversial comments here but then my words are saying that I don’t. Why?? Because I believe that the one who care for you, the one who actually understand you, will know conditions you are going through!..You don’t have to explain them because they don’t need any.

“Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel Because Those Who Mind Don’t Matter and Those Who Matter Don’t Mind.”


Most important thing in life is faith; believe in GOD. Don’t just say that “Yeh! I do believe”  let it come with all your heart and soul, convince yourself that whatever obstacles you’re facing, must be for a reason as “everything happens for a reason”. It’s not that easy as it looks, indeed it is easy to say than actually do it because at times when you need courage,it is already half drained out.

I see many people shattered when their loved one leaves this world. They forget their lives; they forget that by these entire grievances, nothing will change. They forget that life won’t stop for them. It actually doesn’t stop for anyone, it just moves on.

I’ve no idea why am I behaving like a “dadi amma” but I want someone to remind me at the time when my spirits get down, when I feel lonely, when I lose my mind that Wafa Tariq!! these were your words and you are going against them!


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