Realize the REAL LIES!


Have you ever been attached with anyone within months? So attached that you consider him your closest friend? What were your feelings when that person left you? You felt hopeless? Shocked? Deceived? Shattered? Hating world?

I think there are few who haven’t experience these feelings; feeling of being backstabbed or avoided. NO NO! avoided not in the sense of “GIVE ME ATTENTION! A ND NO ONE ELSE!” but not to be updated about your own friend.

I also experienced it some months back; I had same feeling of being deceived. Badly deceived! He backstabbed me! I became so attached within months, and everything was going superb! And BANGGG! How can life be so sweet??The person for whom I took promises “NO! HE ISN’T LIKE EVERYONE” turns out to be VERY TYPICAL ONE!?!

I tried many times to settle everything; I tried to clarify what was going in my mind but never got feedback. If the person isn’t ready to cooperate then it’s of no use to repeat the same thing again and again. You know what!! The pain isn’t that severe if the person isn’t in front of you but seeing the same person every day, reminds you every moment you had together and each and every move he took after that.

Well, the thing is, after this incident I was shattered. I never knew I am so weak inside. Maybe it happened first time in my life. What so ever, those months were horrible until I came back to so called “my original state” I thought I won’t be able to socialize anymore. I was in a state that I hated everything which was related to that person.

I always heard “time heals the pain” but at least this phenomenon never works with me. The pain is STILL the same but yes! Now I know how to cope up with it.

Though I never want to relive these moments, relive aside.. I don’t even want to think about it, about him, about memories attached to him but the reason I shared is to show you people that life never ends with one person. Why to ruin your life for people who don’t even care about you. If you consider that person something important in your life than expect that he also do the same otherwise It’s your fault you’re the one not letting go of him!

If he would have cared, he could have clarified with you! And if you say ego might be a factor then pleassee! I don’t think there is even a word “EGO” in friend’s dictionary! (Provided he call you FRIEND). If that person never clarifies; UNDERSTAND! He never wanted you and you should now Move on! I know this “move on” isn’t that simple as it sounds, if I talk about myself, I admit I STILL haven’t overcome it. But I have learned it that happiness is within “YOU”! You have to decide whether to ruin your life thinking about that uncaring, backstabbing people OR to move ahead!

Believe me! Once you will move, you will come to know that there are many who adore you, respect you, can do anything for you but for that one person you never even looked at them. Love is everywhere around, it’s just you to find it!

There will be many moments where you will say “that person used to do this!”,  “He used to say this” and maybe you also say “Wish we could be together again” but here you need to open your eyes and face the truth. Truth that why isn’t he here because he was never your friend!


22 thoughts on “Realize the REAL LIES!

  1. Very well expressed , I know how it would have been lately, cause I too have been there and was awfully deceived. yes, moving on isn’t easy, but its the only wise decision to make.
    Really loved it.


  2. same thng happnd wid me.. in dse few mnthx only bt hav nt brkn ma frndxhp.. i had to compromse.. cox 4 him his all frndx are equal.. bt 4 me he was ma bxt bxt frnd bt nw i cnt evn trst him fully… 😦 bt wafa ur rite it jst nt the end bt its strt tht evrythng doesnt go as v want or as we wish.. wish evryone bxt of luck wid frndx especially..


  3. Very well written !! The person who did that to you should go curl up in the corner and hide his face somewhere out of embarrassment, regret and remorse. 🙂


  4. i am speech less about ur thoughts,i don’t know wht to say,but i can say tht don’t stop, keep going and write more like these bcz now we realize tht there is new writer in world and her name is wafa tariq 🙂


  5. I love the way you write about ur feelings.. made me feel that how sensiive nature u have. Love those who love u ..

    u have still a bunch who wish to see u smiling. 🙂
    love them


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