You REAP What You SOW!

hands which once held yours!

One of the hardest ages in life is his seventh stage in which the person gives farewell to his life. This age apart from old age can be called DISPPOINTED AGE, HOPELESS AGE where a person’s hope is all drained. Those pains which a person can’t even think of surround him. The age where He comes to know THE TRUTH! Truth that the life he spent on his loved ones was actually WASTAGE! He comes to know that majority was with him because of his wealth! The age when you need someone to be with you becomes the age where everyone leaves you.

Recently I went to a supermarket. I saw a young boy with an old person on wheelchair. I was standing at a distance from them. I saw that boy left that wheelchair almost at the mid street to buy something from the mart. I wonder why he left him alone when wheelchairs were allowed inside. Meanwhile, I observed people passing him giving him stares. That old person looked disturbed. I kept waiting for that young boy but after 15 min I went to that person. As soon as I approached him, he gave me scared look. I politely asked “Uncle, can I help you?” He remained quiet. I turned around and as I started walking. I heard a polite, old age person voice saying “I will be grateful if u will move my wheelchair in the corner”. I smiled and did what he said. After 10 min I saw that boy looking for wheel chair. When he reached there, I saw his angry face; he said something angrily to that man. My face frowned with anger that why the hell is he screaming on him when he was the one leaving him outside at the middle of road alone for about half an hour!?! When I saw that old man, He signaled me with his eyes as if he wants to say “it’s okay! I am used to it”. I gave him a confused look on which he called me. He put his hand on my head and said “Stay Happy!” I wasn’t in a state to say anything so I just smiled and waited there until he went.

Reason I shared this story is to ask why we forget that our PARENTS are those who gave birth to us, care for us, invest time on us. Do you remember how much you irritated your parents when you were a kid? NO! Do you remember how many times you asked the same questions repeatedly? NO! Do you remember how many times your parents left you home just because you are stubborn kid? NO. Do you remember if they ever say “Why do you ask so many questions? Go away?” No! NEVER.

We think they are irritating us when they actually care for us. We treat them as a tension when they actually want to share our tensions. They become so stubborn, back minded for us when it comes to share anything with them. When they advise something we say “you don’t know anything” without thinking they are the ones who told us everything!

Our parents are the ones who took our hand and taught us how to walk, they taught us how to overcome the obstacles and go forward, but what do we do now when they have not remained so strong to walk on their legs. Do we give them our hand? Or give them a stick and say walk your way. They gave us a world to live in and today we give them a room and say this is where u belongs!!

Some are now so heartless that they show their parents Old Age Homes. WHY? Just because they are now physically and financially weak? The children think that it’s time to get rid of them? After all! We have lots to do with our life how to support old parents? SHAME ON US! Can’t we support those who have spent all their lives supporting us?

But “NO “we want our own independence. They have spent so many sleepless nights to fulfill our needless needs without complaining about their own independence and when they need us, we run away from them to find our own peace!!

Ageing is a natural process we all ARE following and WILL be in this period if alive. But did we ever try to predict the attitude of future generations towards us considering what we CURRENTLY do of our elderly. REMEMEBER YOUR FUTURE WILL BE WORSE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING TODAY! Ever heard of “What goes around comes around?


24 thoughts on “You REAP What You SOW!

  1. Ammmmmazing…I`m impressed wafa….. May Allah keep our society away from the curse of old homes…and make us serve our parents in the right way… Ameen


  2. gal to be hnst what makes ur evry ARTCLE spcial in its own way is the way how u express it ,like ryt wrds fr tht emotn its like livn the mmmnts thts hw perfctli u descrbee thmm..n ofc ovrall artcle is wel wrtn nt takn away ne crdt 🙂


  3. u shud b grateful tht u dnt live in west… the thng tht v cnt evn bear, is unfortunately a prt of their clture..keep writng & nicely xprssd!!!


  4. Wafa its really an awesome article which unfortunately reflects the bitter truth of our society but to some extent and I must say very nicely written 🙂


  5. This is a lovely article. I think we must be more patient with our parents and grandparents and make sure they are safe. After all, we wouldn’t be alive without their love and care. You are a wonderfully expressive writer and I look forward to reading more of your writing. I found your post on The Reader’s Nook on Facebook. Many blessings!


    • Nice to know at least someone is realizing parents value through me..:)…Sure, I hope you will like other articles too!
      And about “reader’s nooK”!.:D..that’s a surprise for me, because i didn’t know it was shared there..:)


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  7. Wafa,
    I hope you don’t mind but I reposted your post on my blog. It’s a great one and I want my friends to read it. Many blessings,


  8. Awesome… m Reading ur articles 1st r soo nyc..ur way of writing is so simple..ds simplicity increases effectiveness of ur words


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