No Limits-No boundaries!

There are many people who give you 24 hours guarantee that they will be your friend till last breath, but none give u guarantee card from which you can claim this guarantee. That’s called Fake Friendship or say they try to do lips exercise.

It is difficult to have someone who you have not seen “LIVE”, never has spent time with but still you have strong bond, at least stronger then those with whom you live with everyday or who gives you “so called” guarantee everyday.

Do you smile when your mood is off? NO! Can anyone’s text lit up your mood?  Possibly NO! But there isn’t any sure NO! Why? Because you don’t value everyone equally, there is always a person who you value most, whose name can switch your mood! The person who’s every abusing, irritating word relaxes you!

I always thought you should know the person before making a strong bond but my perception is somewhat changed now, I now believe that if that person is not like you, you won’t be having any bond in first place! Secondly, if your thoughts, your views coincide, it’s obvious that you two are alike

Often you know a person for years yet you don’t have that specific feeling that “This is the person I can share anything without any hesitation that what he/she will think” And sometimes you know a person for some weeks but the bond is lot stronger than many!-That’s friendship- No limits, no boundaries!

I do have a friend which is my friend, brother, sometimes act as a father! And yes sometimes Grandfather too! He is someone I think my life would be different if he wouldn’t be with me. Someone  I can count on, someone who lifts me up when everyone wants to see me down and stand down to catch me when people lift me up to throw back.  I don’t remember exactly how we met. He was in my friend list but I came to know him some years back that he “exist” in my list. Actually I don’t know him nor I want to know anything anymore but I know that now He is also one of few important parts of my life.

“If you’re alone, I’ll be your shadow.  If you want to cry, I’ll be your shoulder. If you need to be happy, I’ll be your smile.  But anytime you need a friend, I’ll just be me”


8 thoughts on “No Limits-No boundaries!

  1. I dunno who you are, for whom you wrote.. but i can say, you must be the sincerest friend and the one for whom you have written this for is also sincere one!
    i was just passing by! NICE ARTICLE!


  2. Very true Wafa! I strongly agree with you on that, some bonds..nameless if you wish are forever etched on your life, they speak of the life,thoughts and moments you’ve been honoring and cherishing them is the right thing to do,and I applause you on doing that. =) Lovely write.


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