It was 3 o’clock in the morning. I was very fresh maybe because I had slept that whole afternoon away. I was surfing web when I felt the need to go to loo. It was dark all over the house. I was sitting in my brother’s room. I started walking towards my room, switched on the light, my gaze wandered all over the room, which I usually do, to make sure my room is perfectly clean and tidy.

During this my eyes scanned the floor…and my eyes popped out! My heart skipped a beat! I muffled a scream considering my bro asleep in other room.The need I had some minutes before vanished as if it never existed! I wasn’t in a state to believe what I saw. It was quite GIANT as compared to what we usually see. It wasn’t full black. It was a mixture of black and brown. Its upper portion seemed to be hard and shiny…Amm…somewhat crunchy.

Well, I took a step back and BOOO it started to run! Then I realized it’s a small creature!A COCKROACH! And I am a big creature! A HUMAN! Why am I getting afraid? I musterd the courage and hurried to rescue my box from IT’s access. As I lifted up the box an idea came in my mind.Idea which can only knock at your brain when you have slept around five hours in afternoon!

I opened the box, inverted it and plaed it right on cockroach. And here goes my cockroach… TRAPPED! HOW IT DARED TO COME IN MY ROOM!??-PUNISHMENT! Cockroach fulfilled my expectation and tried to climb up the box. As it tried, I flipped the box and now IT WAS NICELY TRAPPED!

I tore off a piece of paper, did some tickling to cockroach…:P…which he responded by running here and there. I knew I was getting cruel but I was angry with it! I wanted to get rid of it so I decided to murder it. My weapon to be would be the RULER. Obviously guys! I wouldn’t use it to straighten my line after murdering someone with it! Huh!

I brought my weapon of murder and threw last BYE BYE gaze on cockroach! I had some feeling…something didn’t feel right. Yes! I felt bad for cockroach so I did another GUDGUDI to cockroach!:P.. When I got tired of this cruel act, I took the cover and closed it. CLOSED THE BOX!

Now I wonder is it alive? Will it be able to see, breathe? What it must be thinking? Must be abusing me. I am feeling bad. Yes, I know I can easily release him. BUT WHY? <Senses regained> Why release? So that it can come back again? NOT ALONE but with its whole gang? NO! Never! HUH!


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