3Ws- Who, Where, What?

I always ask myself WHO AM I? Where am I? What I am? But never get any answer. But I felt…

I am surrounded by my closed ones who involve relatives and my friends and some others too. I am standing trying to see far away. I can see my desired goals in front of me. I can even see my hobbies and my interests within my reach. I know I can grab all of them. In fact I have ALREADY grabbed most of them. I am holding them in my hands. I can feel them there.. but.. they keep on slipping from my hands.

If something drops, I try to pick it up! But sometimes it’s difficult to pick it back. There are also times when my whole power just drain out to AGAIN pick it up! Whenever any wanderer come, he give it back to me but most of them come and take it with them leaving me barehanded again.

I am not able to keep it near me..I just can’t…There is a huge see-through sheet in front of me acting as a barrier with wide hole at mid of it through which I can take only my hands out. I have grabbed everything from this small hole.. This sheet isn’t allowing me to achieve what I want. I can see everything from that stained sheet. My interests, hobbies..my work..my achievements… people who are achieving. I wish to be there… I want to achieve too…I want to excel too…I know I can do…I have potential to do …but…I can JUST SEE!

Ammm… Yes! I can easily take my hands out of it but I will have to drop everything which took lots of struggle and almost my whole life to collect. I tried to break this barrier many times but failed. I am on mercy of others. I want someone else to break this sheet, I want someone to hold my things and ask me to get out of it. I want someone to hold my hand and show me the path otherwise I will have to go back where I was. The place called “STONEAGE” where I will have to again sit in corner. Afraid of everyone!  Afraid to compete!

But then I think there is no use if THAT someone comes. What can one person do when a strong force is behind me pulling? Wanting me to leave everything and come back? Want me to leave my goals, my achievements?? Isn’t allowing me to take step?

I am holding my Interests, I am TRYING to hold them all…but constant pulling from them isn’t allowing me to have a tight hold on them. A person who see me trying, who see that this person really wants to do something comes and encourages me …gives me some suggestions… and go… Some come and pull me hard, they are the one who really want to see me get out of it but who can wait for long? Others criticize and discourage twice the previous ones encouraged and go! They do their work leaving me standing all HOPELESS!

This is how my life is passing with many up and downs..I can feel that gradually I am losing all my courage, all positivity which was in me. I want to give up everything. Every little thing I do.

These are the thoughts of an empty vessel, the me who tries to grab everything within reach, tries to climb all the mountains alone, tries to hoop through all struggles by myself without realizing that God is the only one who could do that….But then I consider again and think closely….that’s when I see a ray of sunshine, a glimmer of hope and the ability to achieve.. That’s through MY FAITH IN GOD!… He is who makes me something, shows me the path and guides me to destinations where I achieve what I want. There is no person that could ever do that, it’s just the power of my God…and trust me real Faith is where it’s ALL at. Without Him,

Who am I? I am NO ONE,

Where am I? NO WHERE

What I am? Absolutely NOTHING


14 thoughts on “3Ws- Who, Where, What?

  1. Thank you for inviting me here first of all.Let me tell you something,when you say “I want someone else to break this sheet” remember these barriers,sheets or cage whatever you call it.Nobody builds it as strong as you can and nobody can break it as easily as you can.Personally I see God in the work that I do and the thoughts that I think,and the rest just becomes easy:)


  2. it seems as you wanted to write your thoughts as it is…really awesome article,,,it seems you wrote as you were thinking….this article made me feel as if i am also going through same situation…i guess every person here is going through same situation..God bless U!


  3. Samajh mai aa gya 😛

    listen, i understand what you feel. Thats how every creative person feels. But you have taken that in a wrong direction. What ever you see, your interests your hobbies and all those things that you want to do. Always seems impossible. Not because you can’t do it but because of the circumstances. And every creative person sees that.
    But thats not the reality. If you keep holding on to that, you can get what you want. Not instantly but in a process. You will never know how or when but if you keep on holding, you will.

    Every person on this planet earth is unique, have unique identity and unique process of getting success (state of mind). So you have your own way. Do not compare it with any one. Just enjoy the process. Whatever restrictions you have, it would be good for your achievements, can also be considered as your catalysts.

    Compare yourself from Wafa 5 years back and Wafa now. Realize that there is no future. Future does not exist. its an illusion. Anything that exists in reality is NOW. so why do you see things in future? whatever you want to do or you can see through from that transparent thing? Its an illusion. It is what YOU WANT TO DO.

    So its good to see things. that gives you a direction where you want to go. but again you are directing towards an illusion. future. every one does that. me too. but i enjoy my process. the NOW. present. that is the only thing i can have.

    Trust me. keep that attitude and everything you’ll want will be yours. Every thing that sorrounds you was what you had thought of. whatever you think of now will be sorrounding you later on.
    this world is a reality, based on our thoughts. so fine tune your thoughts and the reality will be according to it.

    Answers to your questions should be :

    Who am I? I am the ONLY ONE

    Where am I? HERE, NOW, PRESENT

    What I am? YOUR THOUGHTS


    • Thanks a lot for taking out time to make me understand who I AM! I feel so goood! Sometimes a person thinks that he know what is his aim but in reality he doesn’t 🙂 again it’s his ILLUSION the way you said it… Completely agreed with your point! – Thanks!:)


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