Remmember the old YOU!?

I read a blog BUBBLE BURST of 13 year old lil kid Ayeasha Riaz. I read almost each and every article of hers and observed the optimism in her. Mashallah! God Bless her! She is a pure entertainment for any reader.. She has the ability to bring smile on any sad face. She has LIFE in her!

After going through her blog. I cleaned my diary which was covered with thick layer of dust. I started to write diary in 7th grade. I noticed I was also fact very optimistic like her! My each and every word was full of life! I was enjoying life in every sentence! Then what has happened now? Instead of going ahead in life we areΒ  actually hanging on to the old stuff..WHY? why are we pressing the G floor button when the lift can take us up to the 3rd floor? Why the faith that “God is here within us every time and everywhere” Β is missing!

I gave it a thought..many answers came to my mind but all were bogus.. A lot of which said because we grew up, we have many responsibilities on shoulders.. Others, we don’t have tolerance to be optimistic anymore and then there was the tension we go through everyday these days which we didn’t have to face earlier!

Although I knew all these answers were vague! TRASH! yet I again opened my diary and proved my own answers wrong! We all had tensions and responsibilities according to age! And those worries which are now small for us were big at that time.

Actually the answer is very simple. At that age we knew how to FORGIVE and FORGET. We knew how to dump bad memories and remember good ones. We knew how to say everything straight forward and run laughing without tensions! We knew how to say SORRY and THANK YOU! We knew how to cry our heart out in front of others without feeling embarrassed. We knew how to express what we want. We knew how to laugh on ourselves. We used to follow our heart…but now we follow OTHERS!

We knew everything and NOW we know NOTHING!


15 thoughts on “Remmember the old YOU!?

  1. We all should so go back n search for the child who would forgive n forget.we all hold up to things now. loved that you shared πŸ™‚


  2. wafa i must say awesome…nothing needed in it….perfect in every sense and i love what u expressed here…so true…papis…


  3. u know u have this power to make people think.. i dont know about others but evrytime i read ur artcle.. i end up thinking about it.. and thats what i love about your writings.. πŸ™‚


  4. Wafa this article brought many of my old memories back… though they are not that old :D…..but really nice m gonna think about it πŸ™‚


  5. Its really nice reading your article….Hope that all the youngsters of the Pakistan have the same positive thinking as you have….Really thumbs up for that..:):)


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