Price-less Lives in Karachi!

“My brother went for shopping and now he is in front of me in a shopper”, a 16 year old sister told the newspaper agent. “My son went nearby by foot and came back in ambulance” A mother of a 20year old boy.

These statements seem to be of some scary horror movie but unfortunately it’s our own country that has become this MOVIE! This is the reality which is becoming impossible to digest day by day! Whether it’s a news channel, newspaper, social site or any gathering, just one question is on the minds and on tongue that points towards  “WHAT IS HAPPENING TO KARACHI!?”

My maid came yesterday and said “baji meray chacha ka beta apni 7 saal ki bete k lia eid k kapray lenay gaya tha bete  k saath or us ko goli mar di…” <My uncle’s son went Eid shopping with his 7year old daughter and he was gunned down>. I asked what happened then. She replied, “us ki biwi tu behossh hoay ja rahi hai..bete ka roo roo k bura haal hai k abba aj k baad may tum say kuch nahi mangoogi bas wapis a jaoo..jis tarah woh ro rahi hai Baji mujhay lag raaha hai who pagal ho jaeegi” <His widow is dropping unconscious every now and then  and his daughter is wailing hysterically that I won’t ask you for anything else just come back..I am afraid that she will become mentally ill if she keeps crying>… I was speechless…I asked “NOW?”…She said” ab kia..bete k samnay baap ko goli maar gaye hain..kaisay bhoolay gi woh! Zinda pathar ban k reh jaegi” <Now what! When a father is shot dead in front of his daughter, how will she forget!? She will become a dead stone in time!”

The way she expressed this tragedy can’t be expressed in normal words! All of us can just sit, talk and sympathize but only the family suffering knows the pain. I had tears in my eyes! What was the mistake of that seven year old girl? Karachi’s situation is becoming pathetic day by day. These criminals are not just killing one person but destroying whole family. I don’t understand who these people are? What do they want? Why are they committing these heartless crimes?  Are they heartless? Don’t they fear the wrath of Allah?

Then we have our “respected” politicians whose responsibility is to just sit in AIRCONDITIONED rooms saying “WE CONDEMN WHAT IS HAPPENING AND WE WILL TAKE ACTION!”. I ask our respected leaders “SIR! When will the day come when you will ACTUALLY take action? They say “We will protect your lives even if we will have to risk our own”… I ask “What do LIVES mean to u? Just a body or a body with Life and a soul? And what exactly has been risked yet, actions are harder to implement… its really easy to talk. “ I heard a father saying “Politicians say kahye lashain girnay k baad na aya kareen…us say pehlay a jaya kareen” <ask politicians not to come after the bloodshed but before it>

If I could do anything…I would have killed these people the way they are killing others. I would have tortured them to death! I would have imprisoned them for life or would have hung them! But I wish I COULD!  Maybe we can’t do anything…Maybe nothing is in our hands… But we have to admit that these are our sins that are coming in front of us now. How can a human act so inhumane? He can only be an animal when his conscience dies.

I admit I haven’t done anything for my country. But I am trying to unite Pakistanis through my pen! I can just ask you to be united! Please! How can a country prosper when we kill our own people?  Please pray for your country.  Ever wondered why God isn’t helping us?  Because we do not seek forgiveness before him, GO! Pray, cry, repent, don’t just repent for yourself but repent for others too, it is said that the more you pray for others, the better it is for you.   We should pray to God to give us Guidance! To show us the right path! To let us distinguish between right and wrong …To show his blessings upon us! Ameen.

Please Pakistanis bring peace back to our country! It’s not just my call! It is the call of each and every citizen of this country!

Pakistan Zindabad!

May saans bhi gin gin k leta hoo jis roz safar may hota hoo.
aik khof zada jeewan lai k may mout k ghar may rehta hoo..
jahan zaat nasal k jhagrro p hathyaar uthaya jata hai.>
har roz masoomoo ka jahan khoon bahaya jata hai…
jahan mout bhi matam kerti hai, may usi nagar mar rehta hoo..
aik khof zada jeewan lai k may mout k ghar may rehta hoo…
her roz kisi maa ka beta be-mout hi mara jata hai..
her roz kisi ki mayaat ko dharti may utara jata hai..
kabhi may bhi mara jaooga, may isi fikar may rehta hoo
jis shehr ka naam karachi hai , may ussi shehr may rehta hoo


6 thoughts on “Price-less Lives in Karachi!

  1. They’re worse than Animals, killing innocent ppl!! they should be given painful death only then they’ll realize maybe! Karachi has been totally ruined and i dnt think that the condition will ever turn better. i doubt what’s next! what can be worse than this!! seriously this is so disappointing! we can just pray to Allah and ask for forgiveness. God bless our country


  2. We all seen these unfortunate statements and incidents in movies, but ya it is happening here, there are many thing we should do, but the thing we can do easily is do talk in society and specially nowadays social media and networking to increase hope and do increase our confidence to talk against people and political parties from which we are feared or hesitate to talk.

    Like I want to share with you guys that I have given first extortion money to political parties in this Ramadan, including sunni tehreek, ppp, mqm. I have no proof to prove that, but when they came they have badges of their own.

    I am sure that every political party will say that ( ye hamare khilaf sazish hai, wo hamare log nahi they ) Well ye log jo bhi hain, Allah Inshallah Adalat lagae ga in logon k liye including usssssssss.


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