I.C.U- i WILL see YOU!!

As I stepped in ICU, I moved my gaze all around. I felt as if my life had stopped for some seconds. I couldn’t hear anything. I was completely numb. Patients were lying on bed unaware of themselves. The faces of their beloved portrayed only tension. The staff members were all around trying to help the patients fighting with their lives and deaths. The notice boards were hung behind patient’s bed to warn the visitors. “Don’t touch his hand”; “Put your mask on before coming near him”.

I wondered what a person`s life is…He spend whole life enjoying without thinking about the day when he will be lying on bed helplessly fighting for his life, when his own ones will avoid coming near him. Throughout his existance, Life asked him to come back to it but he didn’t, and now when he is lying powerless, he is BEGGING LIFE TO COME BACK! How pity!

As I gained my senses back, I heard ticking sound of heartbeat machine. The smell of blood was everywhere in room. Some patients were trying to inhale the oxygen, some were unconscious, and some were tormented with pain. There was smell of death hanging everywhere.

My eyes moved to a patient who was unconscious but his eyes were wide open. It was a horrific sight. Later I came to know that he is counting his last breathes as he was on ventilators. The old man lost his breath once but was brought back to life through machines. The machines were surrounding his bed to give him fake life. People were standing near ICU, as if waiting for him to breathe his last. I know they were unhappy but it also seems they want to be at one side.

Then there was another scene I witnessed when an old woman was fighting for her life and her loved ones were fighting over her regarding responsibility of decisions. Throughout her life, the woman supported her relatives as a daughter, mother and wife but when she wanted a support, her own sons refused to accept her. This is life!

I was still in ICU when emergency was declared and the old man was given electric shocks. I was frozen
at my place. I was watching the whole scenario when nurse came and asked me to go out. I wasn’t able to absorb what was happening in front of me. As I stepped out, some people were wishing Eid to one another. I ignored and searched the patient’s attendee but couldn’t find anyone. When nurse called Patient’s name out, the attendee went in and came out with a body without a soul! There were tears everywhere. The place where people wished Eid to one another becomes the mourning place!

I realized how mean we are. While celebrating Eid we forget about those who passed away. Instead of thanking Allah to grant us a new day, to give us happiness we indulge in unwanted celebrations. O Allah! Do not make us dependent on anyone whole life.…O Allah! Grant us good health till our last breath…Give us blessing of KALMA-e- SHAHDAT on our last moment! Ameen!

Aik muddat ke baad hum ne yeh jana Ay

Teri zaat se ishq sacha,
baqi sab Afsaanay hain…..


9 thoughts on “I.C.U- i WILL see YOU!!

  1. You’re Right Even When I Look This Scenes I Can’t see The Pain Tht Which They’re Feeling At Tht Time.We Can Only Pray To ALLAH tht Plz Forgive us For All We Done Bad Things In Our Life & Plz Don’t Give Us This Painful Death 😦


  2. Yes, i agree wafa. One need to remember this situation. Its not necessary that one will spend his last moments in ICU. But one should remind himself again and again that after couple of years or may be after couple of decades he`ll be buried in ground. This brings humbleness in one`s personality.
    I would like to share a hadith here
    “Hazrat Ibne Umar (Radiyallahi ‘Anhu) says: “I was one among ten people who came into the presence of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. One Ansari stood up and asked Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam): “Who is the most intelligent and careful person?” Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam replied: “Those people who remember death most and prepare for it most. These are people who have excelled in the nobility of this world and the honor of the hereafter.” [Reported by Ibne Abud Dunyaa and Tabraani,
    Jaamious Sagheer, Ibne Maajah, Targheeb ]”


  3. really heart wrenching! 😦
    the atmosphere inside a hospital is no doubtt like a hell on earth! pain and sorrows everywhere! this thing really freaks me out 😦


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