Still Stuck in 9/11!

A whole decade has passed after the attacks on Twin tower but nothing has changed. We still live in the debris of Twin Tower, unable to see beyond. Though most 9/11 criminals belonged to Afghanistan side but Pakistan emerged as a center of terror in Global World. In this spam of time, many investigation reports have been published, but still it is still really hard to say objectively that who was involved in the attack, because there are so many controvercies attached with this event.

The work of media has left a negative impression about Pakistan on a common man. A random person on this planet thinks that though most 9/11 criminals belonged to Afghanistan side, but Pakistan is a center of terror in Global World. He thinks that Al- Qaeda group was involved in the attacks on Twin Tower, but all 14 terrorists had links in Pakistan. It is also believed that even the planner of 9/11 incident was living in Karachi at that time and most of the terrorist involved were arrested from different parts of Pakistan.

The perception that world has made about us is not easy to erase. Though 10 year has passed, yet Pakistanis are given suspicious glances whenever and wherever they travel. They are checked and investigated twice. This decade has bought Pakistan to its knees. It is reported that around thirty five thousand people are died every year in the name of “9/11 terrorist”.

According to a telegraph, among 2753 people who lost their lives during 9/11 attack, 32 were Muslims. For the sake of their memories, we need to keep reminding ourselves and reminding the world that while we may have terrorist among us, but it doesn’t mean that all of us are terrorists.We have already lost our reputation now. The rest is lost because of our politicians` leadership and their mean acts. We have to become united to defend our country. Durrani rightly said, “It was our responsibility—we could have taken care of it. But our leadership failed at that time and continues to fail now”

Last year Aisam-ul-Haq, Pakistani tennis player gave the speech in US open. He said, “Since September 11, every time I came to states or any western country, I feel people have wrong impression about Pakistan as a terrorist nation. I believe there are extremist in every religion but, just because of them, you can’t judge the whole country as a terrorist nation”. Maybe he lost that tennis match but these words of Aisam-ul-Haq won the hearts of each and every Pakistani and left a note for the people who had negative perception about Pakistan.

Like Aisam, many other Pakistani journalist and Pakistani well known writers tried to show the real truth through their pen and paper. Like them, every Pakistani is supposed to play his role in bringing up the real positive image of Pakistan. Whether one is an artist or a simple common Pakistani, he should play his part. An artist has hisbrush, a photograph his camera, a writer his pen and a common person has his deeds to show the kindness in us. According to an idiom “One fish contaminates the whole river



5 thoughts on “Still Stuck in 9/11!

  1. “…. but still it is still really hard to say objectively that who was involved in the attack, because there are so many controvercies attached with this event…..”

    Still, the OFFICIAL story of 9/11 does give us some clues about where to look first …

    Transcript and sources for the video above can be found here


  2. R.I.P. the 2,976 American people that lost their lives on 9/11, R.I.P. the 48,644 Afghans , R.I.P 1,690,903 Iraqi and 35,000 Pakistani that paid the ultimate price for a crime they did not commit !!


  3. Wafa your article is well written & at the right time. But just to remind you that out of 19 culprits none belonged to Afghanistan or Pakistan, they were from KSA or other Arab countries.


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