Happy Birthday to me! – 26 October!

The day started worst because of sleepless night due to cough as a bed partner. The desperate need of toothpick to open my eyes and a patient soul to face those who didn’t wished me birthday on 12 am dot were the things I needed as a birthday gift early in the morning of 26th October 2011.

Wafa Tariq with her bad mood in which she is known as “SARI HOI BENGUN” and with her “PHATTI HOI AWAZ” left home for university. I started to get birthday texts who didn’t wish me at night which included my CLOSEST SCHOOL FRIEND too who got “GALIAN” in reply instead of thanks! After forgiving her for the biggest sin she committed this year, I entered the university and got formal birthday wishes which seemed A PUNISHMENT for them to have ME as a birthday girl in their class! Fake smile on face and a fake handshake told the whole story.

There were some wishes in these FORMAL ONES which I badly wanted at 12 am but everyone has their own priorities and definitely I wasn’t their first priority! At first I showed some “friendly attitude” but then WHY-WOULD-ANYONE-CARE thing came up in my mind and I let things go the way they wanted to!

I gave my best in reciting NAAT at “BAHRIA AT A SNAP SHOT” which I am proud of. I at last succeeded to gather my courage to perform in front of around 500 people in auditorium. I just DID IT! And this one performance MADE MY DAY!

I had doubts about some surprises but I never thought it could be so huge! After my classes, I picked up gifted bouquet, my cards and my bag and got ready to ask everyone for dining out. But before I could ask, I was ORDERED to have lunch out with the group!

I was feeling bit down as my own group members weren’t complete on my birthday lunch, so what I could have expected from others?! The car stopped at Mcdonalds, which was again a shock for me as a venue to have lunch, but my friends turned out to be “BASTARDS”. There wasn’t only my group there but also half of the class with a BIG CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE with broken candles on it was there. All were singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAFA! with the cute red birthday caps on their heads.Not to forget about the topping of cake!!! the cream on the cake quoted “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENGUN”!!!  Yes!! Unfortunately my friends didn’t leave me on my birthday too!

All people having red caps on their heads singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAFA made my lips grin WIDE! Though the surprise was expected, but some of the people there, were REALLY UNEXPECTED! We celebrated with all cake fights and lots of photographs. Most of the people left after the celebration but it was much more enough for me that they ATLEAST CAME!

Infact, hugs and kisses for those who kept their life at stake to attend my Birthday which includes Zainab, Rabab and Midhat … :D… LOADS OF LOVESS! 

The day didn’t end here! The rest of the people planned to have some PROPER LUNCH from PROPER PLACE! We went to KHAUSA where we took pictures and did fun. The lunch wasn’t that good but at least we tried something different.

After seeing ample time remaining to have fun, an idea hit my mind. Having group with you, a camera with you, car with you then why not to go for long drive?? We decided for sea-view to spend some time in cool and relaxing water. SO there we go! All packed, irritating and annoying each other reached the destination!

I took my shoes out and stepped on cool fine sand. Walked and walked across the fine heap of sand and touched the surface of cold and bit wet sand. Took some steps more and there comes the surface of water with its smooth and delicate touch on feet. The excitement of water touching you can’t be summed up in words ….so leave!

After absorbing all the excitement in, I turned for my new task that was HORSE RIDING! Yes! I never did horse riding and hence today I experienced one more new thing of my life!
Photographs were all in run between the funs. The best moments at sea-view started when we all decided to take five minutes out to walk ALONE for OURSELVES. To think about ourselves and to inhale the calm surrounding of the evening of 26th October. 

After walking some minutes, I quoted my written poetry
No one understood it and asked me to give them their time. So I decided to remain quiet.

Before leaving the area, we met a kid while getting in the car. The expressions of that kid, the talkings, and the laughs were also one of the unforgettable moments of my day! But unluckily, my camera battery got low and I couldn’t capture the SPECIFIC expressions of that boy! But the kid of hardly ten years of age was another memorable part of my birth day!

Now, I was getting very sleepy and the traffic was very jam! So just to force myself not to sleep, I cleared my throat by singing all CHIPORAY songs such as “ CHAMAK CHALO”, “DARLINGG!” etc followed by some nice slow songs such as “addicted” , “words-boyzone” etc. On the other hand, we were having a SAAS BAHU PLAY in car at which I was giving background music! It was fun!


Thanks to all- Hiba SHuja, Abdul ALeem, Uzair Akhtar, Zainab, Amna AShfaq, Mhd. Talha
for planning so much things for me and bearing PEOPLE’s attitude and hurting your egos just for me! I seriously admire you all!
Though the plan of not wishing me was PATHETIC! but after all the funs I can say that IT WAS FUN TOO! 🙂

Like the previous birthday, I got many memories store in my diary, but the major differences between both the birthdays are the people, the surrounding, the environment, the COMFORT ZONE! and believe me it was MILLION TIMES BETTER THAN PREVIOUS ONE!

Thanks to those who wished me through facebook or texts or calls or through any means! Thanks for remembering and taking out time to wish!

And a note to some special people: Thanks for showing your F****G attitude!- MEMORIES NEVER DIE! and a kind warning- MESS WITH ME BUT NoT  WITh MY FRIENDS!- Thank U!


13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me! – 26 October!

  1. we love you no matter what you even if its sari hui began for that matter=p maybe we always remain pure 😉 and make new memories:-)


  2. Heyyyyy, 😀
    This is amazingo. 😀 So genuine, so true, so simple yet so impressive. Soo pure. *me likes* 😛 By the way 26th October, so it makes me Scorpion, eh! 🙂
    Same to same. 😉
    Welcome to the club. 😀 😛


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