Change!? Maybe YES!

It’s embarrassing to admit that we should count over selves as those Pakistanis who have become completely disillusioned with the state of affairs of the nation. We are becoming numb to whatever happen to any kind of news, whether it is good or bad, satisfying or disturbing, until and unless it affect our lives, we are CONTENT and living our lives as nothing is happening. This “hopeless” emotion comes when someone is kicked off or if he is cornered and upon lack of attention available, he chooses the option which is most suitable to him, the option of SELFISHNESS which can give him inner satisfaction and minimum amount of displeasure.

Most of the readers will be questioning this sentiment and might be outraged with this idea of mine. From quite few days, whether I am on twitter or face-book, I look in newspaper or flip channels; there is a new BIRTH of an old face. A man considered as Fanatic (JUNOONI), extra patriotic and obviously Idealistic by most of the crowd. Also a Former cricket player- IMRAN KHAN!

There are many followers as well as opposers of him, having different opinions. According to a news paper some say “Yes, that’s who we are looking for — someone who can set us on the way to a prosperous and a disciplined society.” Some even went and said that “He’s bigger than Quaid-e-Azam, new country can be made by anyone, the real task is to rescue drowning country”. Some people are so hopeless that we listens statements like “Each and every politician is equally corrupt. He is just getting youth attention because he is SHARPER than ZARDARI. He will create MASS DESTRUCTION soon- just watch him!!”

If we talk about Imran’s jalsa. Like so many others, I was surprised to see the number of people who attended it and more shocking was the youth who were so enthusiastic to give support to an upcoming-new leader in corrupted scene of politics where there is Haqqani conspiracy on one hand and Mirza’s comments on the other hand. No doubt I admit that at least Imran Khan did better than the rest in stating his plan on how he intends to RIGHT the national WRONGS.

Well, If we keep picking out mistakes in everyone, nothing will work. After all at the end of the day we all have a responsibility for nation. The way we do mistakes, the way we close our eyes from our responsibilities, these politicians can also do the same. We can criticize or bash a particular person who is trying to help or we can applaud him for what he has done for the country so far.

After revival of Imran Khan, I realized that every disillusioned citizen is subconsciously a patriot waiting in silence for someone to inspire his reawakening and maybe Imran Khan did it. We have both options whether to criticize or applaud so why not to TRY some CHANGE!? We already have suffered and tolerated many of the politicians, let Imran Khan try! We can atleast hope for the better future !


11 thoughts on “Change!? Maybe YES!

  1. ur ideas are kinda disillusion.

    at one plce ur shockd to see how much youth supprts this guy wth a consprcy abt abt still not solved.

    and on the other hand ur sayng “At least Imran Khan did better than the rest in stating his plan on how he intends to RIGHT the national WRONGS.”

    what are the National wrongs for u?
    nd ur quote actually supports a lot of politicians then.


      • I think , i understand what you are trying to say here Wafa!
        He is definitely better than all other politicians, He is a good leader with good vision for the country. He can bring changes like DAMs, gas lines etc and foreign affairs.
        But the real problem lays when you ask all his supporters, which in majority is youth of Pakistan, “Have you registered for next election ? ” 9/10 will answer “NO”


  2. no. thts NOT called being DIPLOMATIC.

    being Diplomatic means convincing people with both ends of ur idea. nd stil leavng them wth a hint of question.

    bt this article is jst leavng me with questions. are you criticizing or optng for another “BLIND” chnge?


  3. Why seek the change when our talented youth can be the change? The guy above is just filling in to a demand because we seek someone to come and save us. If we all realized the untapped potential within us for change, then nothing can stop us from realizing our destiny.!


    • There is always a leader above us.. When it’s obvious to have a leader then why shouldn’t it be some honest one.. and by “honest” I don’t mean ALL PURE AND HONEST but atleast better than our current one:)


      • i understand what you are trying to say here BASIL, its easier to say like you did
        but there is always a need of a leader, without a true leader our JUNOONI youth is like a massive flood, its powerful but disastrous,
        i might not be good at words!
        here watch this movie, “Shinjuku Incident”
        it may explain the need of a good leader and what happens when he gets missing


  4. It is one thing to be a captain of a cricket team and manage a few players. It is a totally different ball-game running a country of some 187 million people who are all trying to out-do others.


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