Still I am not BURGER!

  • They “chats” in an accent which is known as Professional English which includes da, otha, nigga, etc
  • Burgers “eats branded”, “wears branded” even walks like a “branded”.
  • They wear pants as low as they can to show the “branded Boxer” they wear.
  • Burgers are born here and Canadian visa is stamped there.
  • They have already visited the “KEWL” places of the town such as “clubs, discos and bars”
  • They consider themselves mature after dumping two girls and having two “HAWT” girlfriends to hang out with!
  • They consider every other thing so “RUBBISH”, “GAYISH” or “MOMMY DADDY”
  • Burgers thinks THEY own the world after having their DAD SOURCES all over!
  • Public Transport is a place of “MELAY LOG” and burgers HATE melaaas!
  • They are the ones having the most knowledge about the INN song of David Guetta or Jennifer Lopez because no one knows they will come and give award for it!
  • They never admit that they are trying to be BURGER!


14 thoughts on “Still I am not BURGER!

  1. hahahahaha! nice work !
    I think thats a complete definition of Burgers 😛
    Haye Allah! lekan kis bechare ke bare ma ye lekha ha !! 😀 😀


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