There was a thrill! There was suspense! The war of presentation was going on! All participants were acting like professionals, giving their best to conquer the stage. My kids were nervous and so was I” These are the feelings of every mentor and their participants present in the auditorium of Bahria University event “Mega Presentation III”

The experience of mentoring a group of five was amazing. They tolerated me, my orders and so called my “motivational speeches”. I still remember the situation when I was cooling them down when I myself wanted someone by my side. Thanks for the cup of tea that helped me when my body temperature was shooting!

Two weeks ago, I met five people who were TOTALLY UNKNOWN to me and now they were one of the most WELL KNOWN people of the auditorium who were not only representing their individuality but the whole group and of course ME!

Muzammil, Sunaina, Adnan, Fizza and Naveed were my five participants working under me who tolerated my orders and gave their best to make the “EXTRA SERIOUS TOPIC- Guantanamo bay” digestive one!  Thank you Naveed for suggesting the topic, Sunaina to be there with me from the very beginning, Muzammil for putting your efforts in presentation, in flyer and for accepting my orders on URGENT NOTICE. (See I added your name in my precious note too  😛 )

Apologizes for Fizza, I know you were my target whole two weeks but seriously I am bad in controlling my anger. I am unfortunately TIME FREAK!! Well, Last but not least! Thank you ASAD for mentioning my name at the end and stop being EMOTIONAL- It’s over!! Opps! I mean Adnan! < I again got confused!:P>. Thank you all for such EMO type texts, I feel so respected, totally OUT OF THE WORLD!! 😉

In the end, a short message for all the participants, it was a small competition. I can assure you all will do much better next time. After all it was never about winning or losing, it was about having experience. We might have loss the stage but we won the EXPERIENCE!! I feel proud to be your mentor. CHEERS!!!


6 thoughts on “HELL IN A CELL!

  1. Thanks alot, it was and will be the memorable time for all of us we spend wid u .it’s the end we required… We will require your guidance more to have the best next time.


  2. ahan… now gettin emo once after again reading dis… but wafa you hav done a marvellous job , ur guidance, support, orders and smile(:P) keep us alive and helps us very very much.. dis is not the end of our journey but it’s just start nd we’ll again want u as mentor in future programs.. btw thnx for adding my name..:p


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