Happy Winters!!


The day when you leave the house without any sweater thinking “yaar sardi kaahan hoti hai yahan” and as soon as you leave the house, you start feeling “pehn letay tu acha hota”, travelling all your way shivering and chattering your teeth, still hoping “temperature will get adjusted with time” but when the sun starts playing hide and seek and the AC of room is accidently turned on, you regret rest of the day sneezing and shivering in blanket thinking “Waaat lag gaee yaar! kal say pakka sweater pehn k jana hai” and when you leave the home next day, you pull off your sweater because it’s again the normal temperature!!

That exactly my friend is the point when you realize “ap Karachi may hain boss! Yahan sardi aese hoti hai!”, so scream out loud HAPPY WINTERS KARACHI CITY!!


11 thoughts on “Happy Winters!!

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