KUTYA or Bitch!? Sexxxy or CHIKNI!?

Darn! Damn u! What the hell! Shit! Bitch! Asshole! Hottie! Sexy!

These are some words which we listen almost daily and are all around us. These are those kinds of words which act like topping we sprinkle on our conversation and without them we feel the conversation incomplete. People who frown on their usage are in turn frowned upon. Now consider these words in urdu. Jahanum mein jao! Kia dozakh hai! Kuttya!  I don’t want to start translating asshole etc! Hottie and sexy are reffered as rapchik, maal, item, chikni!! There is a list of proudly used English phrases that can be easily translated in Urdu but can’t be used while speaking URDU!

The point to ponder is why are these words becoming permissible in the society when their friends in urdu are frowned upon so severely? Is it lesser understanding of the language or we overlook their meaning just to become trendy?? And i believe what doesn’t mean right can’t b well intended. Ever.

Remember how u felt insulted by listening not-so-objectionable- phrases like ‘zuban sambhal k bat kro’, apney kam sy kam rakho’ , without seeing or thinking about intentions but BURST WITH PRIDE when called hottie!! babe!! or while using damn u, bitch, screw u. We have forgotten our religious beliefs, cultural values even the general code of ethics just to be known as COOL!

WTH! SHIT MAN! Her sentence may gali? YAAR KITNAY KOOL HO AP!? 😛

Writer: Madiha Waqar


5 thoughts on “KUTYA or Bitch!? Sexxxy or CHIKNI!?

  1. absolutely true.. we have lost the true sense to watch our language !!!
    Those who refrain in using such explicit language are considered not cool or out-dated and if you have to win a verbal fight no logic or reasoning will do better than a bunch of *gallian*


  2. tussi to chah gai 😀 😀
    but still one word is missing “BACHI”
    Hottie and sexy are reffered as rapchik, maal, item, chikni!!


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