PIA- Pathetic people to fly with!

PIA once was the king of skies all over the world with its motto “Great people to fly with.” Everywhere people instantly recognized its smartly dressed air hostesses in green and white outfits and with big smiles. People actually wanted to be a part of PIA. It was known for precise accuracy and was known for their punctuality and on-time departures and arrivals. That was many decades ago but now this International Airline can never maintain their status to be INTERNATIONAL.

Let me shower some beautiful words in praise of PIA after which I will highlight some GREAT PEOPLE who flew along me. On entering airport, there were 4 counters open for PIA flights saying “ALL PIA FLIGHTS” that includes five flights to all different places that are Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh, China and Dammam. Each flight’s departure time was with a difference of one or two hours that means boarding time was around same. Each flight contain minimum 100 passengers that made 1000 passengers at the same time at only four counters!! This is PIA’s management!

Now let’s talk about “Great people” with whom I had my “pleasant journey”. Pure Pakistanis who were going abroad first time couldn’t stop their EYES GAZING, mouth DROOLING and lips COMMENTING at our HANDSOME airhostesses. HANDSOME!

The pilot uncle was another great part of my journey because of whom I couldn’t read novel. Thanks for smooth flight he was giving us. After this experience I know why many PIA plane crashes. It’s high time to train PIA pilots!! Believe me he could have taken our life!

The journey becomes more pleasant when the person <who doesn’t know any kind of thing known as VOMIT BAG> vomits beside you and on showing VOMIT bag asks HOW TO OPEN IT! Arghh! UNCLE DO U KNOW WHERE THE WASHROOM IS??  FOR GOD SAKE GO THERE! JUST GOOO!! <I thought> But he kept sitting. Thank God my nose, ears everything was jam! First time I thank God for the flue! Huh..

Landing was more pathetic than take off. One of the passengers stood to take out his luggage when the plane started its landing and I immediately pulled my self on side to be safe if anything falls. GREAT PEOPLE TO DIE WITH!

“PIA- Don’t fly with us”
PIA- NEVER fly with THEM!”
“PIA- Great people to DIE with! ”


4 thoughts on “PIA- Pathetic people to fly with!

  1. Get yourself a PIA Member Card to avoid queue, that is if You dare to fly again with PIA 😛
    and YAKH YAKH YAKH !!!


  2. vomit…beside u…ewwwww…wafa u shud have got ur seat changed…that’s disgusting!!! toba!!! and the whistlinf on hostesses…i’ve seen that tooo…they r so cheap…they whistle and even call them mithooo…ghaleez log to fly with bhi add kr lo is mein behan!!!


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