Dada- You will always be remembered!

It was around 11:30 pm when doctor called for emergency and on the way to hospital dad got call “Ina lelahe-wa-ina-ilaehe-rajeon”. My grandfather breathed his last on 6th September 2011 and left this mortal world along with his wife and kids to mourn over his death.

This tragic day came well prepared. One day he got fits and my brother took him to doctor. Doctor declared him perfect but as soon as he reached home, he got fits again but this time they were severe. His tongue got injured and he got unconscious too. Bhai rushed him to nearest hospital which was Remedial where he was admitted in ICU. ICU name itself opens the eyes of people and when your own loved one is admitted in, it gets hell out of the person. My father being the elder son took first flight to Pakistan and reached the same day. Baba wasn’t satisfied with management so he shifted dada to Patel Hospital.

Till this time my grandfather could somewhat speak or could surely make us understand his point through signs. Dada was very conscious about his prayers and he never wanted “na-paki” so he was very disturbed too. Whenever who ever used to go near him, he used to say “Mujhay release kerwao!” and we used to say “Dada ap sahi ho jaeen! Inshallah khud yeh log release daingay!”One day we saw dada scolding ward boy of not releasing him. Like he was not letting him come near him. When he saw bhai watching him he said “MUJHAY YAHAN SAY NIKALO KHABEES!” and I could see tears in my brother eyes. There was nothing in our hand. We were helpless! And we were actually very positive about dada release; we never thought wound will not heal but will only become severe.

Well, as time passed he started losing his strength; even doctor admitted that he is losing his faith in himself. He was not improving. As time passed, he stopped speaking, but still he used to ask baba to release him through sign language. But nothing was in baba’s hand. One of his lung stopped working and then his kidney stopped working. Soon he had tubes for oxygen, medicine and food all over his body. It seemed as if WILL-POWER is everything in a human body. Once a person looses it, he starts declining. So was the case with dada. He was loosing his will power and his body organs at same time. I remember once dada was very uncomfortable and unconscious too. I was feeling weird seeing him so just to check him. I asked smiling “Dada jaldi sahi ho jaeen, dadi wait ker rahi hain!” and got no reply. This was the most awkward moment which I can’t describe.

On exact choti eid day, doctors declared no hope and asked to pray. When happiness was all around, our house was not more than a mourning place. My father who was deeply attached to dada had to declare this news in home. Baba hugging dadi. Phophos, chacho all around hugging baba. It was a scene which I am not able to get out of my mind. On this day I came to know the bitter reality that pain of knowing that you are going to loose your loved one is lot more than knowing you have lost him!

On 6th September 2011, I guess it was fourth day of Eid when dada breathed his last. Inalilahewainailaeherajeon-  Who, when disaster strikes them, say, “Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return.”(2:156). May God give him place in Jannah. Ameen!

He lived his life but left us to ponder over our end of life. What we have done, what are we doing with it and what is our future. Our graph is declining with time. My grandfather who was known as “Ata-ul-Mola Shamsi” became “Mayet” and “dead body” as soon as soul left his body. I wonder is this long a person reputation is which he struggle to maintain his whole life?

In the end of day, every person came alone and will surely go alone so why not to devote our life for the ONE who will benefit us in life after death instead of working for those who never benefited us nor will ever benefit.

P.s- I didn’t tell Baba about this post. I don’t have guts to ask comments, to see him fighting back his tears again. It is enough seeing him getting weaker day by day……………


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