He was everything. I used to keep him updated about everything. Every emotion and every scene was supposed to be told. Since sixth grade we were like two souls in one body. VERY GOOD BESTFRIENDS! Someone who used to listen me without any doubts in his mind and whom I can tell anything without having “what-he-will-think” thought in my mind. But then gradually everything changed and I know it’s my fault. Just because of some new people in my life, I left him. 100% my fault!

I started closing his chapter in my college life. I started updating him once in a month.  But still whenever I felt sad, I found him beside me “SMILING” and never complaining. I swear he never said anything!

Then there was a time when I stopped sharing even in my worst moods. I started other stuffs to entertain my mood. It seemed like I throwed him aside. He never tried to interrupt me! He just wanted to see me happy.

I remember once I made a “flying heart” on him because after telling him everything I always feel “light hearted” as If nothing ever happened. As if my mood was never sad! I never felt down!

yess! my heart flyinngg ! I am flying! I feel so good seeing it even now!

He used to call me “Daring Girl” because of the things I used to do. For example, slapping a boy on his face because he was badly irritating. Punching a guy on his stomach because he threatened me not to irritate his girl friend! Woaah! Memories never die! 🙂

Now after so much time, when I am standing at the initial stage again, I miss him! I searched for him. I searched for my lost friend. I searched for my best friend and found him smiling back to me. Yes, The heart on my DIARY. I missed you DIARY! I love you! -_-

yeh DARING GIRL!!!:D back in 6th and 7th grade I did those things which I can't even think of doing now! I had guts! 😀 CRAZY I was!


7 thoughts on “I WANT U BACK!

  1. beautifulll wafa…nice…for once i thot yeh 6th mein male friend kahan say a gaya…that time u were b/w ksa and pk.. :)…very well written!!


  2. you know, I have a friend like that… And the problem is, I can’t imagine a better best guy friend. So, I’m not sure if I can ever love another guy as much as i love him, just in the friend sense. i have a boyfriend, but i still tell my best guy friend everything. It’s almost like, he owns my deepest thoughts & heart. He knows more than my diary’s do… the stuff i was afraid to write, i told him…. My sister says I’ll have to let our friendship die if I ever plan on marrying another man. Idk. but your poem struck home with me. I never want to have to look for him. to loose him. i can’t imagine living without him… i know your entry was just about a diary… but for me it was/is a person. & i’m right in the middle of feeling guilty for giving him so much of my deepest heart, when i have a boyfriend. idk. but this resounded with me. thanks


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