Love Day or West Day?

Though it is neither our national holiday, nor our religious holiday, but it is considered as important as our own Quaid’s holiday. In fact, the preparation and celebration is much more than our own holidays. In the state of inferiority complex, when the desire of today’s youth to follow west is increasing, the trend of celebrating valentine day is also increasing greatly in our society.

It is an undeniable fact that celebration of valentine`s day is the result of strong western influence on our youth. Some claim that there is nothing wrong in borrowing such cultural aspects of west which spreads joy and happiness in the society. Indeed, there seems no problem in that claim. But is it justified to adopt such festivals that go against our religion and social norms? Surely, there are certain things which we need to rethink.

Along with the emerging East-meet-West culture, from the past few years, Valentine’s Day has converted from American’s holiday to a full-blown holiday in Pakistan. Average shopkeeper of Pakistan thinks that valentine day should not be celebrated as an important day but no businessman can ignore the important day to generate revenue when youth becomes crazy to send gifts and cards without thinking about money or the wastage of time.

Majority of our youth know the history of valentine yet they remain as if they are unaware. It’s just like closing your eyes from the reality but the  thing is that you know it’s not permissible in Islam yet you do so.

Young generation is only trying to adopt  American-ism. From sociology perspective it is that state in which material things changes quickly than non material things. Same is the case with today’s generation, they want to be like West, want to follow west and in fact they are following to much extent but the pace of changing their mindset is not as fast as they are changing themselves.

Celebrating valentine is nothing but just a waste of time and money. A certain percentage of Youth is trying to make something as our culture that has nothing to do with our culture. Actual love is the one which doesn’t need any constant reminder. Love is the feeling which is felt not reminded again and again.

Coming to religion first, I think majority of our youth knows the history of the Valentine`s day, yet they remain as if they are unaware of it. It’s just like closing the eyes from the reality. Commemorating Christian martyrs would not enlighten our society. Everyone has certain plans for the valentine`s day, but we are not even bother to know when 12th Rabi-ul-Awal falls this year. They are unaware of the fact that celebrating such events on the cost Islamic ethics is simply blindness of mind.

If we talk about the outcome of celebrating this day we will get to know that there are two possible outcomes of this day, one is enjoyed by the participants while the other is enjoyed by the businesses and owner of different businesses. And both the outcomes is not permissible in our religion.

I am indifferent to the fact if Valentine day should be celebrated or not but the issue which need to be raised is the culture of Pakistan which is deteriorating day be day to the lowest degree.

Moving to social norms, I would argue that isn`t it really ironic how can one adopt a particular festivity which he cannot celebrate openly? A type of celebration where we have to hunt for places that is not easily accessible to our closed ones?  On what grounds can we justify rejoicing something which we are actually afraid of, which involves deceiving the morality of our family and culture.

Concluding my article ,I can certainly not consider this as modernization of the Pakistani society. In plain terms this is westernization of the society (read not modernization). Our way to celebrate love is not defined within the parameters of a particular Day nor is it dependent on it. I reckon that love demands expression but every culture has its own values and demands that must not be diluted in the name of modernization

LOve is llike a shadow! will leave you in darkness!


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