I Turn ONE!

Yesterday my blog “MY WORLD” turned an year old. Yes! 19 February was my blog’s first birthday. Unfortunately, no one remembered it so I wished it myself from all my heart and soul. After all, the author is really proud of her blog!

Well, 19 February was the date when I posted my first article here and never looked back. This blog gave me a platform to express my views, my ideas and my feelings without anyone’s intervention. <At least not directly>

Through this blog I got many achievements and met many new people within the span of one year. This blog “My World” not only helped me in my personal life but also in my professional life. It actually proved to be MY WORLD. Through this platform, I became part of the Circles Magazine, BUMUN, and Cubes etc. My biggest achievement this year was BEST YOUTH BLOG AWARD OF PAKISTAN 2011. Many people helped and supported me to achieve this place and there were also who criticized and humiliated me to push me to prove myself and to write more.
My friend once said to me “Wafa when a person starts getting famous, he has to face many obstacles. Because there exist people who can neither do anything nor can they let anyone do anything. Be proud of yourself!”

These words echo in my ears whenever I face critical situations. Like after winning blog award, I got comments as “There is nothing in your blog which made you win!”, “It was based on likes that means fake judgment”, “Have you seen your writing?”
I kept my mouth shut because there was nothing to argue about. Majority knows that there are articles in my blog; my “likes” were stuck at 150 while others had 500+. Moreover, I have readers who read my blogs! Now call it my luck or my destiny, I HAVE THE AWARD!

As a writer, I represent the world as I see it. For me writing is important as my words speak imagination about the world. After writing for around one year I came to the conclusion that I am more complexed than I assumed myself to be.

Today after one year, I have a reader statistic of around 9,686.  I know it is not a big figure but it is more than enough for me. I categorized these readers into different segments.
1. LOYAL readers: These are those readers who read, comment, and appreciate not only on blog but through other means of communication too. <Example:  finding on Facebook and messaging about blog>

2. LOYAL AND IMPATIENT READERS: They read, seldom comment but appreciate. They find ways to meet me and appreciate me one to one.

2. JUST COMMENT AND RUN readers: They can also be known as Kam chalaoo readers because they usually read the last paragraph and assumes it to be complete article. So their focus is mainly on comments.

3. FORCED readers: Forced readers or Dhakka party are usually my own friends. These are those people who read whining but once they finish reading, they give me true feedback, criticize and teach me how to improve. These people are my KEY people who actually pushed me, then supported me, criticized and then taught me to write.
Most prominent of them are Hiba Shuja, Zainab Rajani, Mujtaba Hussain, Syeda Humaira Rashid and my sister MAdiha Faheem! They never leave any single moment to embarrass me! 😀

4. SILENT readers: They are quiet. They only visit to read without any suggestions, complements or criticisms.  Maybe some doesn’t have time to comment or they don’t want to let me know that they are following my blog. What so ever! I consider these readers to be handled really careful. ( I can’t mention names 😛 )

Well, people like Saba Bawa, Batool Jamil, Sana Anwer, Memona Safdar and Sunia Khalid can make anyone feel top of the world! Thanks a lot for coming finding me and appreciating me! I really felt very good!

In the end I would like to thank everyone who supported me or criticized me. Maybe without you people, I wouldn’t have been at this place where I am today. Thank you very much!

I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them. – Annie



9 thoughts on “I Turn ONE!

  1. thank u for mentioning me even if it’s the ajeeb category…and i wud really wan t to have a chat with u now…intrigued is my middle name now…as u know…waisay well done…nice piece


  2. I see my name ere 😛 Congratsss…u’re talented, remember that 😀 and Thank God when you compare where you were last year and where you are now 😉 Lots of love and best wishes.


  3. Happy birthday to your blog and many congratulations on winning the award.

    Its good that u dont pay heed to the ‘fazool’ type of comments … dont let such people hinder your way ever 🙂

    and thanks for visiting my humble blog and liking 🙂


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