“If you want to know someone, you need to spend time with him” This is what the BSPC team did on 29th February. We relished the leap year thoroughly by spending time together, knowing each other and enjoying ourselves to the core. The excitement exhibited by each and every member of the family proved this hangout to be the best of all occasions.

The journey began at around 9:30 in the morning; the university van was filled with girls and a few boys all geared up to bask the enjoyment that was in store for the day.  We all started off with adjusting and playing Antakshari which was initiated with Shamila. Thou proved to be a 1950s heroin with her specific collection of songs while others like Uruj and Amina Akhtar showed their ”innate CHICHORAPANA”  and pre-breakfast craziness throughout their songs! There were also people like Zainab and Rabia who proved to be “ANGREZ” with no hindi songs in their dictionary! (ok wafa, that was embarrassing but thanks :P)

Amber joined us in middle of our journey and just for the fun of it; we welcomed her by a huge round applause. Rest of the journey continued with a little chit chat, excited giggles, harmless mockery and what not. The van then eventually stopped at Baithak for a proper “DESI NASHTA” which included everything from tea to lassi and from halwa puri to our personal favorite CHICKEN CHEESE PARATHA!  Yes we’re still craving for it.

With our whole stomach full, we headed towards the beach. The smell of the wet sand and the sound of the cold harsh waves could be easily felt and heard as we drew closer. Everyone ran towards the water as soon as they got down.  The strong wind with harsh cold waves in a hot weather was a perfect combination for a perfect picnic. Shades on, pants up, sleeves rolled, hands stretched and here we stepped on a cold shallow water of Arabian Sea. THAT’S WHERE THE CRAZINESS BEGAN!!!!

Our Picnic started off with all the girls running towards the water and enjoying the touch of waves. Of course, that’s when the photo shoot started. How could we BSPCians ever forget pictures? 😀 After a while, everyone was doing their own thing in the water.  Abeer, both the Amnas, Amber,  Sahar, Shamilah, Rebia and Yeriha were busy with the photo shoot while me, Zainab and Uruj went for a long walk which followed a failed attempt to play with the sea gulls. Yes, we scared them away, we’re cool like that 😛 With these cool moments followed philosophical chit chat through which we had a glimpse of “full of feelings and emotions-Uruj”. While we were enjoying the water, the guys were playing with the ball. We stopped playing KHO KHO when Sahar had a crash landing on wet sand leaving her clothes full of mud and face with sea-salty-sand. Wafa Tariq then engraved the BSPC initials on the wet sand and our photo shoot started all over again xD

The whole gang then walked towards the rocks for some photographs which turned to be an adventure when Wafa and Urooj started climbing rocks to explore the other side. Helping one another to climb the rock, stretching out hand for help, motivating the afraid ones and listening to the “BHAI LOGS” instructions..”AGAY MAT JAOO”, “CRAB HAI”, “ARAM SAY” were the “PERFECT FAMILY MOMENTS”- Giving, taking and spreading love.

Finding ways to climb the next big distant rock and to explore the thrill of having crabs all around you was the best part of this adventure. Although Zainab tore her socks while climbing, it was a little price to pay for the fun.

After finishing the adventure quite safely with few bruises on hands and feet, Qasim suggested “dodge the ball” game to target Rabia. He threw the ball right on her face, making her tremble with pain and then he stepped on Wafa’s Masoom mobile..<dun worry it’s still working>.

Oh yes! Wafa Tariq found a “bori” there too. She wanted to see if it was just a bori or a BORI BAND LASH! She tried to investigate and open it but it was buried in sand and was heavy too. She still whines for it!

Well, after four or five hours of roaming here and there, playing, teasing, laughing, giggling and chatting we decided to leave the sea. With almost everything soaked of sand we left for McDonalds to do all gandagi in their washrooms.

While everyone was busy making themselves up;  Uruj, zainab, qasim and I were playing around with kids there. It was an adorable moment when qasim was bargaining and the little girl put flower in his pocket and smiled. And then qasim lifted the kids in his hands creating an ultimate “awww” moment. Not sure if it’s expressed well but we’re trying to complete an impossible task to sum up the mesmerizing moment here.

After doing everything, our stomachs wanted something to eat so we planned to have lunch. We went to Khada Market to devour ourselves.  Amna’s and Amber’s call for “ghar choro ghar choro” and Anas’s ghussa was another adventurous moment to mention.

After eating on our way back to university, everyone was so tired or sleepy that no one cared where the ball was going or empty bottles were rolling. There was silence in the van. Most of them were seen with closed eyes while others had their headphones on and were watching the fast life of Karachi city far away from sea.

Mahesh opened the eyes of everyone by handing “Promotion letters” to the members of BSPC. (Don’t worry we’re not one of them). The excitement dumped all the tiredness and there was a glow on everyone’s faces. Another perfect moment for the journey after which we reached university and everyone said goodbye and went to their respective routes.

We hope we’ve summed up enough. The day was one to remember, to cherish and to commemorate forever. 

Written by Wafa Tariq and Zainab Rajani


12 thoughts on “BSPC @ SEA!

  1. tHS ws SImPLy awESum……. enJoyD goINg tHROuGh thE suMMarY as had A quiCK FlAshBaCK on 29th feb……. GreAT JOB WaFa N zanaiB…..


  2. Love the summary! Summed up quite well 😀
    It was a whole lot of fun with you guys 🙂 Start planning the next one ;D


  3. Great Blog …. Enjoyed every bit of it, and it made me to remember many such occasions i have been through in my initial days at Bahria 🙂
    Finally, i am seening talent rising at Bahria . . . Keep it up Team 🙂 never step back….


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