Believe, Trust, Change!

Change is that abstract feeling which is inevitable. Not everyone fancies it but you have to adapt it. You have to find ways in order to forget the past get over it and move on for what is waiting for you.

Sometimes even when we are happy, we have something to worry about whether it ‘s about lack of personal achievements , regrets of the past, choices we have made for the future or the troubles of others we took on ourselves.

Sometimes it seems impossible to put a finger on the real problem bothering us or sometimes we know the reason but we pretend to be unaware of ourselves. Sometimes eliminating the perceived problem still leaves us discontented or disappointed.  I guess that is the time to change you.

There are times in your life when you don’t want any change and when you want everything as it is. When life forces you to make sometimes crucial and sometimes controversial change, that is the exact time you know who you can put your trust in. You know who you can rely on while changing directions. None other than Almighty Allah (s.w.t)

Relying on Allah and having a strong faith in Him helps to make changes smoother and crucial decisions easier. Trust him, Have Faith in him and see the reason as to why He wants to take you through this changing process and realize that whatever He does is for a reason. Believe in Him and He’ll give you all the understanding, reasons, solutions and wisdom you’ll ever need even in the midst of your u-turn. 


One thought on “Believe, Trust, Change!

  1. faboulous piece of thought…. really amazing..
    have a firm believe on Allah.. what ever happens , happen for a reason..!


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