What was my FAULT?


There are some people who are strangers to you, yet you create a strong bond with them. You unconsciously relate and attach yourself with them. There are people whose identity you are unaware of, never shared anything but even then seeing the same person at the same place everyday makes a strong link without the need of words.

My friends and I always go to the “chai ka dhabba” (tea shop) near my house because of it’s speciality “kahva” and I personally love KAHVA! There was a kid as a waiter who was hardly 14 years old with a smily face. Young, fresh and full of life, he used to serve us whenever he saw our car. He knew we would order three tea so the only thing he used to ask was “sahab teesre chai ya kahva?” . Wearing short kameez and loose shalwar, he used to come running to ask for order and after giving us order he used to go back hopping.

He used to tell our bill in Urdu like “pentalees” and we so called “angrez” used to ask him to translate in ENglish. After many visits, we learnt some urdu ki ginti( urdu numbers) and he learnt some english numbers. Last time when we went, he said sahab 45 and my friend said “achaa pentaless!”

Today I heard firing near my flats. My brother said that the kid who used to serve tea has been shot dead by unknown people and all the shops were forced to close. This news left me in deep shock. He keeps revolving in my head. The contented smile
on his face and the sharpness of his eyes is dead. The kid who was hardly fourteen is shot dead for no reason? The smiling kid who didn’t even start his actual life is dead? Is Murdered?

The kid was nothing to me. He wasn’t my friend or my relative, yet I can feel the pain. I don’t understand these people who come without any fear of ALLAH and murder the person on spot! They didn’t kill a 14year old life but they killed an innocent kid, a caring brother and a supportive son.

Imagine his family waiting for their son to come. And there he comes not by walk but in an ambulance, draped in a white cloth and hidden in a coffin.For God’s sake, stop killing the innocent lives! If you want to fight, fight with the people of your age or your group! Don’t be a coward to play with a 14year old’s life! For God’s sake, How the hell have your hearts turned into stones. FEAR ALLAH.

Verily, One day everyone will have to return to Allah and present our Nama-e- Aemal there. How will you vanish from there?

“Indeed we belong to Allah , and indeed to Him we will return.”Sura Al-Baqara, Verse 156


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