Pause that refreshes the soul!

There are times in your life when you want to pause, seize and surrender yourself to life. That time when all you want is to rejuvenate and revitalize your life.

There was a period in my life when my mobile phone and headphones never got detached because I used to think that in order to breathe in this complex, sophisticated and impenetrable world, these headphones will act as an oxygen mask. They surely helped at that very moment but when I thought about long run, they only added sins in my already “sin-filled life”


Today I have my mobile, headphones and songs but in addition I also have Qirat with translation. Whenever I feel down, I prefer to listen to it instead of songs to enlighten my mood. It not only helps me to breathe at the very moment but it also teaches me the ways to breathe next time I feel lack of oxygen.

The way people sort out their favourite lyrics from the songs, I started to pick out my favourite verses out of the SUrah. It not only gives me contentment but also morale support from no one but the Almighty. I cry now not for what others did to me but what I did after ignoring THE ONE who was always with me.

Once my teacher said, “Students, it dont matter if you acquire 3.99 GP, it dont matter if you achieve postions you always wished for. But as soon as you will finish your studies, get a job and get married. You will realize that everything you acquired whether it’s your education or any other wished for acheivement is just a hollow success and nothing more. Nothing is going to benefit you in the future and what ever you did was a fake game played by you to yourself”

This world is nothing but an illusion and the illusion of this World is our reality. This sounds like a mystery or a paradox, and it actually is. This world is a dream within a dream and it will all vanish someday. This world has been created within the human mind and has no other meaning or purpose.

Before sending animals on earth, God taught them how to live their lives in this world but humans are born illiterate because they are sent with the Holy Book to read. Otherwise there would not be any difference between a human and an animal.

Enjoy this illusion while it lasts, but also realise that it has to end someday. Therefore, keep a balance, be kind and while you’re at it, remember that He-The Almighty is the Only ONE to give and take all there is to life.


3 thoughts on “Pause that refreshes the soul!

  1. Good one wafa. At times even i wonder how simple this life would have been only if we’d have followed the path that Almighty Allah laid down for us. He had it all planned out beautifully; from how and till when to study to the way of falling in love and getting married. We ourselves made our lives so complicated by taking support of such perishable things that would never help us much.
    As for your reference to the songs and how they act like an oxygen mask, been there done that =) In the end we just bend down in front of HIM and that’s the ONLY way our hearts get satisfied anyway.


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