Life and its diplomacy!

“The reality of life is that your perceptions — right or wrong — influence everything else you do. When you get a proper perspective of your perceptions, you may be surprised how many other things fall into place”

Birkman, Roger

If you are able to read it, it means you live a luxurious life because of having a computer to use and to have internet to read this article. There is always a day when your life shows you the practical side. You never get to know the hardships your parents faced in bringing you up until and unless you go through that process and the stage.

These are some of those days in which I am realizing, absorbing and digesting some of the hard realities of life. The biggest reality of life which I always denied, the reality that money is an important element of life to remain happy. The reality that you can’t get a job with a handsome salary after spending thousands on your education.

I have now come out of my books and learnt the real meaning of inflation and its impact on low class people and most importantly the differentiation of classes. I always had misconception that after spending around 3 lac in some private university will get you a job of at least 50k but it was just my figment of imagination. Life is not easy nor the method of acquiring money.

The reality of a common middle man is to work 9 to 5pm like a donkey and still pray not to have shortage of money at the end of the month. He cuts down his budget to nurture his children. He buries his own needs somewhere deep hidden from everyone while the short and easy definition of low class category is they live hand to mouth. No saving, No change in lifestyle, and a life no one would ever want to live.

When you get out of your home to explore the world, you will get to know that life is not a piece of cake. You can’t have everything as soon as you ask for. If you are able to do anything with your father’s references, you don’t need to be proud of it because it’s not you; it’s your father who should be given a credit. You are just a piece of shit without them. Get out of this glittery world and taste the harsh side of the world. The Real side!

Life is just a diplomatic game. Be a Politician and win it!


7 thoughts on “Life and its diplomacy!

  1. Very true. Somehow around a year back i was also in the same state of mind but now its entirely changed. Life is not just about a persons own perception and its impact on his day to day actions its actually much deeper much surprising and very unpredictable. Only 20% depends upon self-made perceptions remaining 80% is about surprises and challenges which make u think once again and gradually you start seeing different faces of life. And ‘Yes’ Money can buy everything except some people with high character and moral grounds and rest is buy-able even happiness. Lastly, Really liked your blog actually sometimes i wish i could write anything like this, but currently i just like to read and look how the blogger crafts a piece of text that inspires many. Cordial regards.


  2. -_- agreed with heart …….
    >>>>perception formation of an ideal scenario is easy but far more different from what reality is


  3. Very well said…Life is very capricious..u may not now what might happen the other second….Life has some undigestable realities but we’ve to digest it..:)…Wafa Tariq thumbs up for this article:)


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  5. I love your blogs… I am die heart fan of your articles. You write everything so natural, so true! You speak my heart out!


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