Ever felt what you are doing is wrong but you still persist in doing it? Ever wondered what is the force behind compelling you to do those things? Did you ever feel yourself out of your own control? Why always search for hope and hanging for what one can’t achieve? Why the hardest thing for one is to say how I feel, to explain what is hurting me, to ask for help? Why the people lie to themselves?

There are many times when you don’t understand yourself. You feel someone else inside you doing all the things. You pretend what you are not and you utter what you never mean to speak. The way you talk and do things go beyond your expectations and set limits. You are well aware of the consequences, yet you cross the limits. You astonish yourself by the act you perform. You do things that you once condemn. You lie to yourself saying there wasn’t any other way out or that’s the best option I could have chosen.

You deceive yourself and then weave web to tangle others in it. You lie to satisfy your own need. We lie about which we lie that we are not liars. We all are liars. We live in a world built on promises; constructed by liars. A person is known to be unpredictable and we prove it for ourselves too.

Remember no matter how big or small the lie is, in the end, it will remain a lie!  Stop deceiving yourself and others. Remove the veil in front of your eyes. STOP BLUFFING YOURSELF!

I admit I lied. I am a criminal. I did mistake. I am sorry. I am realizing it. I wanted a reason and now I got it. Won’t ever do this again because I won’t ever leave myself in this case. I have removed my veil and now I know IT’S OVER!



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