Phases of Life!


What is life? Confusion? Commitment? Competition? Risk? Determination? Complicated? Decision? Wild? Beautiful? Mysterious? or A puzzle?

Life has many phases. Sometimes it acts as a wind; fast, sometimes slow and other times it doesn’t even let us feel its presence when in reality it is never absent. Sometimes life mocks sea, at times the waves of sea are wild and sometimes they are smooth.

Life comes when the sun rises with the sound of chirping birds and rests when the sun sets with the worries along it.  Life is a complete drama and we are one of its actors. The whole journey depends upon the life we expect to have, the circumstances we perceive and on the choices we make. Life is about taking risk, exploring and experiencing yourself. When it becomes certain that life is full of hurdles and obstacles that’s the time when real life test starts; when you have to face these obstacles with the open heart, when you go through them bravely and conquer them with strong mind.


Life is full of options, choices and decisions. We all choose paths to spend our lives. If you have chosen a path which doesn’t suit you or which was taken for reasons that no longer exist, you should make a change. No one is locked into any path and being willing to make a change takes more courage than staying at the same track. Believe in yourself and the messages you hear whispered from your soul and make whatever changes you think are necessary to put you on the path towards happiness. Remember, situations and circumstances change and no one should feel locked into any path. Life is a journey full of twists and turns and YOU are the only one who can change where you are heading. Be strong and have faith that you will end up where you are meant to be.

Take out some time to breathe the fragrance of life not the stench of worries. Life bombards you with a multitude of situations which can overwhelm you if you give into the emotions. Take time to breathe and quiet your fears. Today may be difficult but the sun will rise again tomorrow giving you renewed strength to fight again.

Wait! And this time will pass soon.


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