True Believer!


I am here under the cloudy blue sky. Letting the magnificent touch of a delicate raindrop fall on me; giving the feel of a needle on my skin. Tears flowing down my cheeks, heart trembling of fear, body aching, hands asking for forgiveness, for the patience and for the right path. I am inhaling the fresh air as a positive hope, feeling the touch to know I am alive, seeking for help to protect my future. Extending the hand, begging to hold, to guide and to never let it go.

The last phase is here, the most crucial one. I am believeing in You because you never let me down. Hold my hand and let me go through it too. Allow me to overcome this hurdle too. I trust you and I know that you will help me in what is better for me and for my future. Show your acceptance and guide me the right path; The path to prosperity.

(Above are some lines I wrote in my diary few weeks back. I closed the diary because I didn’t have anything else to write. This was just my wish and I wanted it desperately. When I achieved what I asked for, I opened my diary as usual to write my feelings out and found it written. I decided to continue the above piece)

And so I am here again sitting at the same place with tears in my eyes, shivering, trembling but not to ask for more but to Thank God to grant my wish. I believed in Him and He believed in me. I trusted Him more than I trusted anyone and atlast He granted all my wishes at the right time and at the right place.

My faith is increasing with time. Make my Imaan more strong.  



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