Unsatisfied Wishes!


Okay so it is just a random post. I didn’t write for so long. I was missing my blog. I was missing writing. Like I didn’t quit writing but those words were not appropriate to be in public! 😀

Okay so Life is fast. You never know where it will lead you next moment. One wrong step and you can ruin your life and one more step and you can be in heaven. It is just unpredictable. You wish and again you wish. By the time God fulfills our wish; we already start wishing for something else. This is what human is “Always Unsatisfied”, always craving for more and more. We act like greedy, asking for more and more. Today this, tomorrow something else. This is what human nature is.

I wonder what actually wish is? An urge? A desire? An abstract feeling that goes with time. It is something we want badly and can do anything for it, can cross every limit for it. But by the time we get it, it looses its importance and becomes secondary for us. So, Can’t we say that wish is a desire for a particular “phase of life”? As soon as that phase ends, something else becomes important for us.

What I am noticing is that these all are just our “worldy wishes” in which nothing and no one is important. Everything looses its value one day. That day can be today or tomorrow.

“hazaroo khawahishain aese k her khawahish p dam niklaY
Buhat niklay meray armaan pher bhi kuch kaam niklay!”

You will always want more and more. Remember every wish gets over when you either get it or your phase gets over. Simple!

Okay I just realized I have written all about wishes. Let me name this “Unsatisfied Wishes” 😛


4 thoughts on “Unsatisfied Wishes!

  1. Nice Post:
    Very True, this is a nature of every human being but if we do believe in ALLAH and and remember that nothing is forever in this world then we may able to find out the right path of life and every desire may be become a secondary for us. We have to thing and adopt this phenomena as well.


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