Well if you are sitting idle and have nothing to do then read this otherwise you will really waste your time. I am in my rubbish mood so what ever I will write will be rubbish. Because I am in a mood to be an overflowing dustbin who is throwing out rubbish outside. Yeh! HOW rubbish!

Yes, Sometimes I just don’t want to think about anything and anyone. What I care about is things done. I become selfish. I become heart-less. I know people betrays so I don’t even give a damn. I know this world is going to end one day so why to give a damn to these people. I assume thinking about these people is wasting my time. You know what.. It is not actually I assume; it is actually what is going to happen. This world will end and so will the people and so will be me. Why not to stay happy till then? Why to cook yourself on full flame when you know it will be you who will get burnt and no one else. Why to give yourself pain and headache. Do your things yourself. Stop asking for favors. Don’t ask anyone else but ask God to grant you everything you need. He is the one who can help you and will help you.

Smile and make others smile. Have good feelings about everyone because you never know this will be your last second on this earth. Yeh! This sentence is bitter to hear but it is bitter truth which needs to be digested and which needs to be in your brain all time to have yourself on track. People might criticize you for saying these words but leave them. People criticize in anyway, they are born to criticize. What ever.

Screw people who tries to screw you. Ignore them. They will always be screwing. Sometimes life acts as a screwer but you can’t just run away from it. Infact you stay and face it strongly. Try to divert your mind from those things which are displeasing.

And about being selfish. Sometimes I love being one. I can do anything for people I love . And i love myself. Yes I do. And I love to throw everything out because I don’t want to die with things in my heart. Yes I don’t want!

I just remembered that I own a personal diary which should be burnt before I die. OPPPS!


Well gotta go.

Rubbish Certified


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