Garbage 1

I am not there, when my best friend needs me. Okay! fine! I admit Life and death is in hands of Allah but here I am sitting doing nothing when my friend needs me. When my “all laughing always smiling” friend is crying. Friend who always cheers others, always make other smile is crying. When she needs someone to cheer, I am here out of country sitting; doing nothing. SO SAD! SO SO SAD! I feel pity for myself. I feel powerless. I feel shit!

Wafa Tariq it is “THE TIME”  which people remembers. You are helpless. You can’t do anything. You are just a spare wheel which is puncture. You can’t do anything. You are useless. When you can’t help anyone when they need you then you are not allowed to be their part of life when they don’t need you!!!


I wish I could ask you to die Wafa Tariq. LANAT!


3 thoughts on “Garbage 1

  1. You care for her and you regret that you couldn’t be with her to give her a shoulder, that shows your love for your friend and she and everyone among us is blessed to have you with us ❤ Muah *hugss*


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