Its my 2nd birthdaaayyy!



Okay so today it is not Wafa Tariq writing. It is this “blog” writing. Yes I know these typing hands are of Wafa Tariq, but this heart is of wordpress blog. I am going to write my feeling out today.

My owner forgot about my birthday. How rude? Her friend reminded her and she was like “OHH MYY GODD!” She was happy, sad and surprised. I was like “Dramaybaziaan band keroo Wafa Tariq. You didn’t wish me nor cuddled me or even said Thank You to me for being there with the-stubborn-always angry- YOU”

Whatever, I am thankful to her. She always fed me with her crazy articles. She shares so many articles privately and so many publicly. She taught me how to crawl and now I am able to walk too. She gave me “BEST YOUTH BLOGGER AWARD” and I handled her the award of “AUTHOR OF A STORY”. Though it is a short and tiny success. But I know she likes to have small small dreams to see them getting fulfilled. She likes to go step by step.

She calls me her best friend. I call her my wife because she always do “PATR PATR PATR”

She loves me. I love her.

I love youuuu. You love meeeee. We are a happy familyyyy ❤ ❤

Okay I know I have lost my mind. I am way too  “FAREG” . Yes, I forgot my blogs birthday but it doesn’t matter. I love him and he knows it ❤ … This blog gave me a lot! I don’t have words to describe but gradually I lost something too. I know there isn’t any fault of this blog. But yes, I do miss when I go through it. But it is a part of life maybe. Some day I have to accept the truth that it is not possible for everyone to understand you.  Someday I will gather courage to shut it down and start a new life. Someday! One day! Oh… it reminds me of enrique…
One day at a time
It seems so impossible

Hahah.. Well, This blog is addiction like my personal diary. I tried trillions of time to stop writing it. But after a month I again open it (-_-) .. because there are MAAAANNYY things I can’t write here. Writing those things here is like apnay paoo p kulhari marnaa … 😀 hitting hammer on your foot (okay I dun know it in English 😛 )

Okay I am tired. Bye.
Opss Happy Birthday once again Blog.. I love you shoo muccchhh! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Its my 2nd birthdaaayyy!

  1. Congratulations on completion of two years to the poor soul – the blog whose moody owner forgot his b’day. Aww. *Ok, enough of drama from my side lol* xD
    Happy B’day, to the dear world of this oh-so-awesome person, Wafa. Whose pure words, straight thoughts and clear views, win my heart always. No flattering intended – warning!
    I wish you all the happiness and peace in your life and I pray you get much more in the world of writing, In’sha’Allah.
    Good luck, blessings, love and hugs from this random fandom one.
    P.S: Please hand over me my piece of cake. And girly, where is the party. *Says with innocent face* xD


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