My small small wishes!


I like to have small small wishes so that I can use them as a ladder to achieve big ones. I had so many wishes written in my diary, Alhamdullilah I have achieved many, some are still in process. Others still seems far away from my reach.

Below are some wishes I remember I have achieved. I will add others later.

–          To compete in Naat competition

Actually I recited Naat many times on different occasions. But I wasn’t able to take part in any of Naat competition. But there was a play in school. I recited there. It was enough for me.

–          Ipod

–          Mobile

–          Mobile with camera

Okay these three wishes got fulfilled when I was in college. I had to struggle a lot for “Mobile camera” because I was craazzzy photographer.

–          To give speech and to have standing ovation

Okay to give speech was BIG. I represent my whole matric batch in front of school. I gave farewell speech and out of expectations I got standing ovation  Students crying. I can never forget that event.

–        To have a big crowd in front of me.

In university, in front of around 600 people, I recited naat. That was big. It was my birthday too. Okay I know every small thing is big for me. Whatever 😛 I like to take things like this.

I was a host for Cube event. That was fabulous  I never knew I will have to host the program but “fortunately” their host got absent. And I got the mic. 😀

–          To have cute cute chicks ^_^

I bought three colorful chicks. They were so cute. They used to follow me everywhere. Chu chu chu.. I loved them. They loved me. We were happy family until one died because of my fault and gradually others started becoming weak and they died too. I miss them. I want more!

–          DSLR

I got it a year ago. I was crazy for it. This was the actual wish I ever put in front of my family.  I saved all my money for it. When you don’t have anything, you carve for it. When you have it, you don’t value it. This is the case with me.

–       Bahria Lipdub Official Photographer

Heading is enough explainable. 😀 .. I loved the senior batch I worked with. I wish I could have more time with them.

–          Nose pierced

I always loved nose piercing but I never wanted to have It before I get commited. Now I am engaged and my nose is pierced. By the way don’t ever go alone for piercing. It sucks for about half an hour. Believe me.

–          To have my room- wall painted

I always wanted my own room with my own type of setting. And One wall painted. I got my separate room years ago but wall got painted some months back.

–          To have my own dressing table with every kind of perfumes

Yes I am perfumes freak. I love perfumes and deodorants. Though I like stuff toys too. Whatever.

–          My blog to be well known

I wasn’t aware of the name blog until my friend made it for me. After then I just wanted it to be well known. It is still in process. But I guess I have achieved pretty much.

–          To have my article published in any magazine

Okay so this is going step by step. I got blog. Then my first article was published in PKwriter, The Brands, then Circles Magazine then Identity Magazine then News Tribe and then the online magazines list goes on.

–          To have my story published in a book

After I got published myself in online magazines, I wanted to have my works hardcopy. I seriously struggled a lot for this. I failed many times. Like many. I am still failing though. Thanks to my friends who never stopped pushing me.

I wrote a “ghatyaaessst” LONGEST story on Karachi city and got published by “oxford University Press”. Though they have edited it like hell. And I don’t like it at all. But still I have my hard copy in my hand. That is what I wished for. And to be honest Oxford University Press is not a small thing. Come ‘on!

P.s- After seeing edited version, I love my unedited version 😛

Well this wish doesn’t end here. I am still trying my articles to get publish. Still one of my article is submitted. I am ready for accepting failures. 🙂

–          To have blog award.

Actually this wasn’t my wish. A fan of my blog suggested me to get nominated in Pakistan Blog Awards and out of no where I got the award. It was really unexpected. RREALLY UNEXPECTED!

I just wrote this .. I never wrote my feelings out. Because I know deep in my heart. This blog is “ashaan” on me

–          <censored wish>

It is done. Shutup. I am not telling it. -_-

–          To have surprise birthday

My college friends gave me this party. 😀 It was fun. Though I knew this is going to happen but I still pretended it was surprise because I knew they wanted this way and they knew I wanted surprise. So yes! 😛 lets say compromise 😀

I wrote about one of the surprises here given by my uni frnds.

–          To make my parents proud by giving them a special invitation for my any award ceremony.

I want to keep this wish till I die. The first time my parents got invitation was when I was in my first grade then in third grade for getting positions in my class. The last time they got invitation was in fifth when I took part in play told above.

I moved from Saudia and came to Pakistan, had long gap until I was in matric and my parents got official appointment from school to sign a form for “suspension” ..hahah.. Yes I was suspended for two weeks. Forget about the reason 😛

The day I came back from suspension was the day my previous ninth grade result got announced and I was topper of my school. And the same management called my parents to congratulate. Haaaa! -_-

And recently we went to book launccch. A special invitation was received for the story published by Oxford University Press.

– To drive car like full chichori.. I don’t want to drive but to fly! (yes I know how to drive which was my wish. My new wish to drive without getting afraid. I dont want to be a typical “woman-driving” typeee)

This is sdone.. like DONE DONE. details here

– One day I will pick up my friends and will go on long drive ( I know this is going to happen soon- InshaALLAH)

This is done too ! at 8th March 2012 😀 I picked my friends and went to uni then khapppaaa

If I talk about my wishes that are not yet fulfilled. Not achieved yet. SO here they are

– To be a real GOOD muslim (I am seriously saying it. I don’t know if I am working on it. I am confused.)

– To have my solo novel  (I am working on it but I am lazier than a turtle)

– To do bungeee jumping (yes I know I will have to ask my husband for this -_- )


I can’t think of any other wish. Alhamdullilah I have everything I asked for. Alhamdullilah. And the things I didn’t achieve was for my own interest and benefit. I realized it after a time. You will realize it too. Never get dis-hearten for the things you failed. Failing means you at least tried. Try, Try until you get succeed.


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