Milestone achieved!

One more wish down. So I am moving not achieved wish in achieved category here.

I am flying high. I drove alone to the other corner of city. Alhamdullilah today I fulfilled my wish and by the way it wasn’t small wish. It was BIG! like BIG BIG one.( I wish you would have known how I say this BIG BIG thing :P)

Well, Today I am not dependent on anyone anymore. This was the only task I wished to know. This is the only thing I always regretted. I knew driving since matric but never mustered up the courage to drive on long routes. I never actually drove ( I dun consider side road driving as driving). I did it today!!

I am proud to say that now I am ammi’s right hand. We don’t have to beg anyone for favors now. We don’t have to wait for others and listen their blah blah. We will not be canceling our plans because of others. We will go anywhere anytime. InshaAllah InshaAllah…

P.s- That day is not far away when I will call my friends to come out for long drive. Yaaaay.. Another milestone achieved.
(THIS IS DONE TOO! Dated: 8th March 2012) yaaaaay 😛 😛 😛

By the way, I have one more wish. Small one. I want to drive like zoooozooooo…not animal zoo (-_-) *eyes rolled*… I mean I want to FLYYYYY! I don’t want to be typical “woman-driving” type driver.

Yes! I am really excited right now. I want RACING too! Soon InshaAllah.

And yeh stop saying “larki k packet may larka!” I hate depending on others and I am proud of this! SHUTUP!


Btw, I chose this photo after going through lot of thinking process.. If you know what I mean…


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