Everyone is indulged in their problems whether financial, mental or physical. It depends on a person how he deals with it. Problems are part of life. They are like colors which give life to your life and fear is like topping on it. Up and Down is like roller coaster ride. Its your choice to scream or enjoy the ride.

Just imagine a smooth life without any hurdles. Won’t you get bored?

Take an example of driving a car. You might find slow driving enjoyable at times but other time you want to drive fast. You want to take risks, have race or you might welcome dangerous overtakings. That is exactly what life is about. Taking risks! Welcoming danger!

Make your life challenging. Challenge yourself. Make sure you do best in every part of life. Make sure you offer whatever is in your reach. Fear factor always remain in person’s life. We need to know how to manage them. Failure doesn’t mean end of the world. It means you have courage to face every situation. It means you have tasted every flavor.

Whenever you feel incompetent, Just give yourself time and think what the possibilities are if you do it?

–          People will insult you? Let them do. They love barking. It doesn’t mean you become bone for them.

–          You will fail? So what?? Its your failure.. You have to suffer. No one will give damn about it.

JUST DO IT. Have faith in Allah and start it. Take a step. Everything is within your reach. This world has to end after all. Give damn about what other thinks.

A well-known author said

Its Not about how hard you’re hit but,

How hard you get hit and and keep moving forward

How much you can take and keep moving forward

That’s how winning is done


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