I want to do something big. I want to make my parents proud. I want them to say “Oh yeh! that is my daughter’s business!” but the thing is I am confuse lady and I don’t know what to do. I know my field is right for me. I know I want to do business. What kind of business? This is what I don’t know. I dream to see myself as successful woman supporting my family. 

I am not creative, I don’t have any unique quality so what are the options..

– I can run clothing business. I want to.. but its too common… 

– I wish I could write a successful book and be a millionaire  By the way I heard writing profession is starving profession which is true to some extent. And well I am not that freak!

– I can do photography. It is good business. 

– I can be wedding planner. I know that is hectic but that is FUN!

– I can be a motivational speaker- I know I can! Shutup!

Yes! I am a dreamer




8 thoughts on “Dreamer!

  1. Do not worry. You are not alone in the world of dreamers. And all the things you listed above, you do have the ability to do each and every one of those things. So that kind of makes you a realist. So all you have to do is believe in yourself. And the world is yours.


      • Well, nothing comes for free in this world. We have to work hard for every single thing. The question is, how hard do you believe in your dreams and are willing to work for them. And as far as I have read your blog, I know that you have that will to work for it. You will succeed. Inshallah !


  2. May Allah guide you to make all your dreams come true Wafa! To dream is the first step towards success and the next step is to plan how to achieve them! All the best to you and your dreams!


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