Why do we perceive people in a wrong way? Why we build misconceptions? There can be many reasons; sometimes we perceive people according to their gestures, sometimes depending upon what others say or by seeing other peoples’ attitude towards that person.

We also perceive people according to their first impression but first impression is not always the last impression. Majority of people do not show their true-self. They don’t do this intentionally but because they don’t feel comfortable around people they don’t know. They don’t like to show their true-self to every individual they meet. They maintain distance. They are reserve.

It is okay to judge a person but don’t judge to an extent that when you actually experience him, your mind refuse to accept reality. Don’t make judgments which make the reality of that person and the perception to be exact opposite of each other.

Don’t try to analyze a persons’ behavior when you are not aware of the other side of the story. Think from the other perspective. Use your brain before coming to any conclusion. Always remember reality is always different from the perception. The difference depends upon how you perceive things on first go. People see what they want to see and what people want to see never has anything to do with the truth. The meaning we give to the events we experience, the way we make sense of our world, is based upon our set of core beliefs. Beliefs which we have formed about ourselves, about others and about the world based on our past experiences.

The best example to explain this theory is this world. We think that this world and this life is reality, however this is not the case. The life is a mere perception while the life hereafter is the bitter reality. How many things would change if we start pondering over it?



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