Missing Thoughts.


There are some people, no matter how much you try to forget, you end up missing them more and more each day! You know its been a long time. You know it is enough of explanations and clarifications. You know everything but still you feel perplexed. You feel something missing. Why? Because you don’t know the other side of story.

Sometimes the yelling and blaming part is quite satisfying. At least, you get to know what is going on at the other side.  There are very few people who say what they actually want to say. Usually people just forgo the moment. They think of the impression which they will leave and forget about other things which should be kept in consideration too.

The more complicated situation is not to have any conversation after clarification. The awkwardness and most important the feeling of being a BIG SINNER bugs you every time.

But then maybe it has to be like this. Maybe this is how it goes. Maybe this is what life is. You don’t have authority over anyone. It is their choice. You can’t go on spending your life thinking about one thing.. You have to remove it from your mind. Now, it is your responsibility to do it no matter how you do.


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