Why don’t people appreciate what they should? Why do they feel shame in expressing others quality. Why do they call “chowra” to the one who actually knows something. Who actually stand up for something. Why don’t they accept the fact that he is worth it. He has more experience than us. Why people don’t do anything themselves if they can do? Why don’t they encourage others participation. Why they think that involving others will make them small? Maybe because they feel insecure about it. They feel they will be ignored and someone else will rule them. Because they don’t have potential to make up a team and involve ideas. Because they are so self-obsessed.

Yes self-obsessed!! They cannot think of someone else ruling them. They are unable to come out of themselves. Neither they do anything nor they can see anyone else doing. Remember, to be successful you have to put your ego aside. There can be nothing as a ONE MAN SHOW. You can not achieve anything without the words such as appreciations, cooperation and compromises. You have to expand your mental ability. You have to put your “I AM” aside to give place to “YOU ARE” to be successful. You should empathize the person before blurting out even a word. You should ask yourself if you are compatible before degrading someone.

To speak is easy; To do take lots of effort!


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