Car or Chinchi?

I was just wondering what is best for me? Travelling in car or in chingchi. Like I will face risk in both the situations. My family will be with me both the times. The difference would be that if I hit by some accident, I will be killer of my family and if we will be in chinchi or rickshaw, the driver will be responsible. But then if I analyze it more then there is less chances of death in car accident as it is covered and chinchi and rickshaw is not covered. But then if I hit my car and we don’t die then we will have to pay for it. Dad will also scold and he won’t trust me with driving. What should I do?

Sometimes life feels so messed up. If we gather small small things and analyze them, we will feel that everything is like a spider-web; connected to each other.  Every solution is connected to million problems and vice versa.

Sometimes I don’t understand myself. I think so negative at times. What would have happened if I wouldn’t have discussed about death in first paragraph? But it seems the word “death” is attached to my every sentence now and then. Is it because I am not afraid or I am very much afraid inside or I am getting too practical now. Death is something which no one can do anything about. We should be prepared at every time. So why should I feel shame saying “If I have to die, I will die infront of you and you won’t be able to do anything”. Yeh! Thats right! Accept  the fact!

Well today was the second time, I had accident. When you do something, you have to experience it. You have to face the world and you have to face all consequences. I don’t care about myself as compare to I care about car and family. When I am driving, I am responsible. But what can I do about those who don’t accept their mistake. They hit my car and put blame on me. Like fine! I don’t give  a damn who you think the fault is. I want money of the destruction you made to my car. Then you come being all “chowra” because you have luxury car Heliex. But you don’t have eyes to see? and most importantly YOU ARE DRUNK!! Bloody Drunker!

I dun know how many more experiences life has for me to tackle. Then people say I am transforming into boy. *Clapping*

Come and live my life please!


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