Punching Bag!

Sometimes all you need is a punching bag because you know you can’t directly punch their face out. Imaginary things sometimes give you the same pleasure with less effort and not to forget less sins.

You can never predict anyone behavior. Be it your parent or your friends or your siblings. When you can deceive yourself how can you expect someone else to do things that you expect. Life is unpredictable so are the people. Everything can come back to you. Everything is mend-able but you can’t mend broken-trust.

There is a quote I would love to share:
“If only our tongues were made up of glasses, how much more careful we would be when we speak.”


Think thousand times before sharing any word with anyone. No one can feel what you feel. Always remember no one can replace YOU. Be your own hero! Everyone in this Dunya is here to ruin your life in some way or other.

Believe in Allah and support that person who truly Believes in Allah. No doubt your company makes who you are.


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