Banged! Starting Business!

28th April it is and we have, I and Zainab, started its promotion. Yes! Business! The BIG dream! Yes! Banged. Alhamdullilah. Required lot of effort. and I know it will require more and more as time will pass. I just don’t want it to get flop. please please.  Okie fine just let us achieve our break even point. I will be satisfied!

It is something I wanted always. ALWAYS. Since I joined BBA. I knew business is my field. I knew it! I just want it to happen. I know this is not going to be easy. But its okay! I am here. I will be patient InshaAllah.

20th May is its launching date. I pray for its success! Ameen

4It will have all the things which a woman wants to be in style! So oo my cute cute bloggers. I know you are not going to offend me. At least visit the page. I guarantee you there will be no compromise on quality. InshaAllah.

Visit us:

Do give me your reference! I will give you V.V.I.P protocol! 😛


3 thoughts on “Banged! Starting Business!

  1. I’m glad for you. It really means a lot when you see your efforts and dreams coming into some existing form. I wish you all the sincere luck.


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