Depth of an Ocean.


Depth of an Ocean

Imagine an ocean and different type of people with the same vision to touch the depth.

1- Person who is afraid of ocean. When a person can’t touch the surface of water, how can they touch the depth.

2- Person who is ready to dive but cannot reach the depth because he doesn’t know how to swim.

3- Person who know how to dive, who know how to swim, who have the courage, who have the confidence required but he doesn’t have the support.

His peers think that this person will get drowned. They do not understand that by not letting him dive; they are not only restricting him to explore a new world but they are also making him loose his confidence which he has in himself.

Why does all want to reach the depth of ocean? Because  they know that to attain anything you have to touch the depth, you have to explore a new world. You have to come out of your comfort zone.

Let people do what they want to do. Let them explore. Let them experience. Let them change the name of “Mistakes”  with “Experiences”. I know you care but you have to believe that they can do it. Atleast he is better than the first two. Remmember not everyone is born with the silver spoon in their mouth

By the way,  It is okay to break. It is okay.



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