Blogging after so many months. Today I realized something, something strange. The feeling of space, the hole-ness, the GAP. Today I realized that this GAP is actually which accelerates a person to dive into something. Today when I read my previous blogs, I realized I had need of something. I was feeling incomplete. There was a certain confusion. There was something missing.

Today, when I thought of blogging, I had same feeling of “Bay-basi”. But this time, I know Allah is with me. Allah never leaves HIS momin bandi. Allah never leaves someone who strives to be HIS. Today I am loving the feeling of Bebasi. Because today I am feeling the true Bay basi which I think every momin should feel. Bebas infront of Allah. Bebas in front of THE Creator. Bebas infront of the Kings of Kings. Bebas infront of the One who is the turners of heart.

Today I want to write the answer of WHO AM I? the answer is a Ghulam who is not an obedient Ghulam. A creature smaller than an ant. I am NOTHING. I am NO ONE. I am simply BAYBAS.


One thought on “Gap

  1. Perfection is always been a false impression and to make it realize nature create those vacuums in each individual’s personality or perhaps such gaps are always there but we don’t see them as we don’t need to see them.

    Sooner or later you realize this, your act of response varies at the level of age when you discover it, some people find a new dimension in life others attempt to escape and always move in circle. In the end every possible way is narrowed down to only way and that goes to HIM, better realize earlier than at the time when you are left with no options.

    Welcome to the land of new wonders of your existence , they call it Void (=


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