Sukoon in Life.

” And indeed it is Allah who makes you laugh and makes you cry” (Surah (Surah Najm:43)
To be contented in life you need to know this verse.Very simple verse. Don’t think dunya is making me cry. It is dunya because of which I am crying. There are no problems which can make you cry. There are so many people who are weeping because of no reason and there are people who are laughing with so many problem. It is Allah Talaa who will make you happy and HE will make you sad. He will make SABAB. He will make some person hurt you and betray you. You will think that person made you cry or that specific situation made you cry. But actually “WA ABKA” Allah Talaa made you cry. then it is so simple. Turn all your direction from CREATURE to CREATION.

Be razi with Allah and Allah will be razi with you.
Don’t seek sukoon FROM life.

-Shaykh Kammaluddin- Sukoon in Life.


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