Music? Haraam

Again notes from my lecture.

Hadith- “Bells are the instruments of Shaytan”

Jars-bells-they are usually the bells tied around animals. They are referred to as the flutes of shaytan. Mazameer is the plural of mizmaar. When an animal walks with the bell, there is a continuous rhythmic sound-that is why the plural is used. Nabi(s) said this hadith when they were on a journey and a group of travelers were crossing and some of their animals had bells around their necks so Nabi(s) said this hadith.

How does this relate to music?

Anything related to shaytan would be satanic. Like how we call the Kaaba baytullah. We attach the word bayt to Allah, so the house gets it’s shaan because Allah’s name is put next to it. Similarly instruments being related to shaytan show their danger and fitnah.

Fitnah is that thing that has the potential to take you towards sin.

As students of hadith we will take taqwa and not just fatwa.

Mazameer-The instruments of the past were called mazameer. Today the instruments are fancier and more sophisticated but they are still called mazameer because they make that continuous rhythmic sound.


There is a booklet called “a caution for our companions on the prohibition of music” by Darul Ifta which one of apa’s teachers gave her.

In ayah 6 of surah luqmaan, Allah mentions those who engage in Lahwul Hadith-it is any futile play that takes you towards sin. Like for eg. If a person is playing with boats and he forgets to pray his salah, that would be lahwul hadith. The first interpretation that scholars give of lahwul hadith is that it refers to music because music takes people away from the remembrance of Allah Ta’ala.

At one point of apa’s life, apa went to art school and apa noticed that while everyone was either sculpting, painting, drawing, sketching etc. everyone had earphones in their ears listening to music. Apa never had it in herself to listen to music but apa realized that these people are completely unaware of their surroundings. These songs are always about unlawful relations. It is a trap of shaytan that it misleads them from Allah. Men have physical lust and women have emotional lust, and we poison ourselves with this lust because we don’t get over it like men do. Stay away from this lahwul hadith. When you listen to a sad song, it has a negative effect on you. When it puts that emotional lust into you, it pulls you away from Allah. If a person tells us that they find a lot of peace in listening to music then we can ask them that do you find peace in quran and salah as well?? Because these are the places where you are suppose to find that peace. When you find peace in something unlawful, Allah deprives you of the sweetness of Quran and salah. Is the love of your crush sooo important that you willing to give up the love of Allah for it???

Nabi(s) said: I was sent to destroy musical instruments.

Either your heart is engrossed in music or in the dhikr of Allah. If it is occupied with music, it can’t be occupied with Allah.

Today people try to say that music isn’t haram. But even for an ibadah such as salah, we learn how to pray salah from hadith. So it’s from Nabi(s)’s words that we should take our fatwa. We can’t make excuses when it comes to deen. Don’t take even that ONE PERCENT chance of poisoning your deen!

Another hadith comes that Nabi(s) said: “Indeed people will change the name of wine to consume it and play with musical instruments. Allah will cause the earth to swallow them and change them into monkeys and swines”

With the previous ummahs, when they indulged in a big sin and they didn’t take their nabi seriously, Allah would send down a punishment that would wipe out the whole community.  It’s only for our ummah that Allah will never destroy us all at once. But small groups are given azaab. So if something like an earthquake comes, only Allah knows whether it was an azaab or a mercy for them. Sometimes we want to go to a gathering of music and we say that we’ll dress properly etc. but imagine that you are going to be in such a gathering that Nabi(s) said that the azaab of the earth swallowing them will be sent upon them!. Ask yourself that do I want to be part of a gathering on which there is Allah’s anger??? Allah didn’t give us this voice to sing with music. This voice is to read quran, hadith, azaan etc. We will be questioned about EVERY ni’mah that did you use the hands that I gave you to play the guitar?? Did you use your tongue to sing in a haram gathering??

A sahabi narrates that one day Nabi(s) was passing a shepherd who had a herd and his animals had bells around their necks so Nabi(s) put his hands into his ears and he kept on asking the sahabi that can you still hear the bells. Only when it couldn’t be heard anymore did Nabi(s) take his ears out. This is a Sunnah that put your fingers in your ears where there is music. This mendhi ceremony has become a big thing today. People pay choreographers to teach people how to dance for the mendhi. There is nothing but sin in these gatherings. There was a time when apa was coming towards deen and coming closer to Allah and it took about a year for apa to leave these gatherings completely and apa made dua that I don’t ever want to marry a person that will ask me to go to these gatherings. When one of apa’s close friends was getting married apa told her that if there’s music, I’m not coming. And apa did this to a point that out of respect, people didn’t invite apa anymore because their gatherings had music.

Tips for the music addict:

It’s human nature that if you addicted to something, you can’t leave it all at once. The best thing to do is to slowly replace it with something better like naats or nasheeds and eventually tilawah. The best is listening to the quran. If you listening to two hours of music, cut down to one hour.

The duff: can be played on two occasions: 1) At the walimah. Why? At the time of nabi(s) there weren’t forms of announcement like phones or radios, so the duff was used to announce that these people are married and to invite people to the walimah

2) When the mujahideen are marching off for jihad-also a form of announcement. Mufti kamaluddin had said something really funny that if any of you happen to go for jihad and you would like someone to beat a duff for you, insha Allah this faqir is available J

Ask yourself that do you enjoy the qur’an or music more!? Disconnect yourself from gatherings of music! Al mar’u ma’a man ahabba!


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